Retail & Ecommerce

For Many Shoppers, Consistency Is Key

Consumers don’t see retail as offline and online—to them, it’s just shopping. And according to a March 2018 survey by Ipsos and Medallia, 65% of US digital shoppers expect brands to offer the same experience across physical and digital channels.

Happiness Is Finalizing that Online Purchase

A recent survey by Rokt found that US digital buyers are happiest once the buying experience is over. Going through the checkout process is another story.

Shoppers May Shun Retailers with Poor Product Suggestions

Email marketing is one of the most evergreen retail tactics. It's also one of the most targeted forms of messaging since recipients opt-in and often provide solicited information or preferences. Despite these factors, personalization can still be hit or miss.

Amazon Prime Day Attracts Back-to-School Shoppers

This July will mark the fourth annual Amazon Prime Day, hardly a deep-seated tradition, even though the online shopping event grows in popularity every year. In 2017, sales reached an estimated $1 billion. Prime Day is also starting to capture dollars spent historically during a more established shopping season: back-to-school.

Malls Aren't What They Used to Be (and Maybe That's OK)

US consumers' shopping behavior isn't as mall-centric as it once was, but declaring the death of traditional shopping centers might be a little premature. It’s true, ecommerce has forever changed consumer expectations, and merchants can no longer rely on traditional anchors—usually department stores—to attract crowds. This has forced mall operators to get creative.

Dazed and Confused: Consumer Attitudes About Emerging Technologies

A global survey focusing on new technologies identified some as confusing, but others as both confusing and overhyped.

Getting Customer Experience Right

Marketers have never had more data about their audiences, or more tools to wrangle that data and make it actionable. But the ideal of a data-driven brand experience, tailored for each customer, is still far from a reality for most marketers who struggle to make omnichannel, real-time connections and deliver meaningfully personalized offerings.

Monetizing Stories Is the Latest Social Commerce Strategy

Social commerce has never jelled, but marketers haven't given up on trying to sell goods and services to social media users. The latest push: Instagram and Snapchat are trying to make shopping in Stories a thing.

A Deeper Dive into Six of Mary Meeker's 2018 Internet Trends

We used eMarketer data to take a deeper look and offer more clarity into Mary Meeker's recent annual internet trends report.

Zelle Will Overtake Venmo in 2018

Peer-to-peer service Zelle will grow more than 73% this year to reach 27.4 million US users, ahead of Venmo and Square Cash, according to eMarketer's latest forecast.

Can Emerging Tech Help with Consumers' High Expectations?

Shoppers have lofty expectations for companies to recognize them across channels and provide personalized experiences. But according to a MuleSoft survey of internet users worldwide, there is room for improvement on this front; 81% said organizations provide a disconnected experience.

Digital Shoppers Value Data Privacy

Common marketing wisdom dictates that consumers are more willing to share personal information if they get something in return. Lately, that something means personalized experiences, services or offers. But how true is this perceived value exchange, especially for digital shoppers?

How In-Store Tech Bugs Impact Sales

As in-store tech becomes widespread, some glitches are bound to occur. But how many and how often?

Digital Travel Sales in Russia Will Climb by More than 20% This Year

Digital travel sales in Russia will total $11.37 billion in 2018, up 20.5% over last year, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast on worldwide digital travel sales.

Shoppers' State of Mind Affects Customer Experience

Emotions play a role in shopping behavior even if consumers don't think that they do. According to a recent survey of UK and US internet users by analytics firm Clicktale, 78% of respondents believe they are rational when they shop. Yet 40% said they shop to calm down, and 74% have "stress-shopped" in the past.

eMarketer Debuts Estimates for Ecommerce in Switzerland

Switzerland has one of the highest digital buyer penetration rates in the world, according to eMarketer’s first-ever retail ecommerce forecast for the country.

How Much Does Corporate Responsibility Guide Consumer Buying Decisions?

Consumers have heightened expectations about corporate responsibility. Product quality and cost are still more powerful drivers when it comes to actual purchase decisions, but concerns about brand purpose are a primary factor for a significant number of buyers.

Consumers Are Warming Up to Purchasing Furniture Online

Shoppers have been slow to embrace buying furniture digitally. Most pieces are a major investment they want to see before acquiring. For retailers, furniture is bulky and expensive to ship (and return and restock). But this is starting to change.

For Many Consumers, Loyalty Program Participation Requires Perks

According to recent data from Blackhawk Network, shoppers need an incentive to join—like free stuff or cash back.

Digital Buyers in Austria Favor Cross-Border Ecommerce

Shopping and buying online is now a routine activity in Austria, according to eMarketer’s latest ecommerce forecast. In 2018, more than 72% of the population, equating to 5.5 million people, will shop for products online.