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Here Are Three Ways Retailers Are Ditching Worn-Out Business Models

Omnichannel retailing means meeting shoppers' expectations in their channel of choice, digital or physical. That is forcing many retailers to break out of their routines and experiment with new models. And it’s not just brick-and-mortar sellers that are being pressed to change.

Americans are spending less time with most major media, with one major exception: smartphones. eMarketer has curated this Roundup of articles, insights and interviews to break down the key trends in mobile marketing today.

You've Got (Too Much) Mail

More than half of digital buyers surveyed by Yes Lifecycle said they get way too many emails from retailers, causing them to simply ignore them.

Retail Marketers Discuss Data a Lot

Marketing as a practice can span big-picture customer experience efforts, as well as email list minutiae, but certain topics get more thought than others. What is currently top of mind among retail marketing executives? Privacy and security, according to a June 2018 Nanigans survey of US CMOs.

Gift Cards Remain Popular for Giving and Receiving

Impersonal or practical, gift cards are integral to the holiday season. Purchases of gift cards also keep rising every year. In 2017, US internet users purchased an average of 6.5 gift cards and 6.1 digital cards, up from 5.9 and 4.0 in 2016, according to First Data.

Will New Tariffs Create a Taxing Holiday Season?

On Monday, the proposed $250 billion in tariffs on over 6,000 categories of Chinese goods became reality. China promptly retaliated with a tariff on $60 billion worth of US imports. With the holiday shopping season looming, it's still uncertain how much these tariffs will affect holiday sales, but also consumer perception and marketing campaigns.

Retail Innovators Aren't Afraid of Failure

No retailer would admit they weren't interested in innovation, but not all agree on what counts as innovation, how to execute it or what the point even is. But all retailers agreed that providing a better customer experience was the top opportunity for innovating.

Customer experience has become one of the biggest areas of business focus across industries. One way that adds value to a consumer’s shopping journey is authentic, tailored content. eMarketer has curated this Roundup of articles, insights and interviews to zero in on the trends affecting content marketing today—from creation and personalization to brand safety and more.

Home Depot: Give Holiday Shoppers 'Maximum Flexibility'

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, holiday shoppers have 32 days to complete their gift-giving checklists. This is the most time retailers will ever have, and it only happens every seven years. Dawn Erksa, senior director of marketing for The Home Depot spoke with eMarketer's Danielle Drolet about the home improvement giant's upcoming seasonal plans.

Wallets Full, Shoppers Ready to Crank Up Holiday Spend

With consumer confidence hovering near record highs, consumers are set to bump up their holiday spending this year.

Why Ride-Sharing App Via Will Spend More on Snapchat Advertising

Arielle Vogelstein, growth principal at Via, talks about Snapchat's advertising potential.

The Frictionless Experience of Shopping at Amazon Go

Amazon recently unveiled its first Amazon Go convenience store outside of its home market of Seattle, putting down brick and mortar roots in Chicago. eMarketer's principal retail analyst, Andrew Lipsman, took a spin through the aisles of the new store and reports back on the experience in the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers."

Consumers to Brands: 'You Disappoint Me'

Do brands live up to their promises to consumers? Much of the time, the answer is no, and a recent study suggests that the ramifications of that can be very bad news for brands that fall short of expectations.

How Consumers Are Acclimating to Automation

The world is becoming more automated—from self-driving delivery vehicles to subscription commerce—but is tech creating convenience or concern for consumers?

TV's Effect on Millennials? Not Necessarily Minimal

Millennials may not watch as much TV as previous generations, but their engagement with the TV content they do watch may actually be deeper than other groups.

Three Key Takeaways on Amazon's Plans for Advertising, Video and Voice

At an eMarketer breakfast event yesterday, a panel of eMarketer analysts weighed in on Amazon and discussed the giant's future.

Amazon has expanded into categories that previously seemed off-limits to an online retailer: groceries, streaming content and more recently, healthcare. Financial services could be a new focus. Will consumers go along?

For Many, Reaching Out to Customer Service Isn’t Enjoyable

According to a recent LogMeIn survey, about one-quarter of North American internet users said customer service wasn’t able to solve their problem, and if they did, it took far too long.

Mobile Commerce Is Trending, but Holiday Shoppers Still Like Tradition

As we coast into October, the holiday season is just on the horizon. What changes in shopping behavior can retailers expect this year?