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Mobile Marketers Sending Holiday Promos Sooner

Mounting evidence shows that the holiday shopping season is starting sooner. But is this Christmas creep consumer-driven or the result of retailers planting seeds in the public's mind earlier in the year?

Consumer Engagement Can Continue Post-Purchase

A retailer's confirmation page doesn't have to mean goodbye. Instead, the underutilized page can serve as a springboard to a deeper relationship with the customer.

Customer Service Seekers Prefer Bypassing Humans

The role of chatbots in ecommerce has evolved from a sales tool to a customer service assistant. When US internet users want to resolve a customer service issue quickly, more than half turn to chat, according to a CGS survey.

Shoppers Get Earlier Start on Holiday Spending

According to a recent comScore study, the period between Thanksgiving and what the researcher is calling "Cyber Tuesday" has taken an increasingly larger share of online holiday spending over the past few years.

Every week on eMarketer’s “Behind the Numbers” podcast, we take a few minutes to discuss some of the most intriguing headlines of the past seven days. This week, some of the topics we’re talking about include how teens are turning to Instagram to make some extra money, plus how ecommerce and low prices may be turning some consumers into hoarders.

More Retailers in Europe Embrace Next-Day Delivery

A growing number of consumers expect their items to be shipped the second they purchase a product. A recent analysis from RetailX and Internet Retailing found that nearly a quarter of retailers in Europe now provide this service, up 8 percentage points from 2017.

No Retail Tech, Please. We're Affluent

About one in five affluent consumers in the US make no use of any technology while in stores. That’s right: no price checks on a smartphone while shopping, no taking pictures of products and certainly no mobile payments.

Customer Experience Matters to Supply Chain Execs Too

Improving the customer experience is the driving force behind many retail initiatives, but it's also a top priority among supply chain and logistics professionals. A new report from Adelante SCM and BluJay Solutions found that customer experience is one of the leading factors in spurring supply chain innovation.

Repeat Buyers Favor Marketplaces Over Retailers

Global online marketplaces like Amazon and Alibaba have risen to prominence and are becoming a competitive threat to retailers and brands around the world. According to a 2018 Salesforce survey, merchants have reason to be concerned. Online buyers are starting their hunt for products on marketplaces with increased frequency.

Shift in Emphasis, from Desktop to Mobile, Found to Power Gains

A survey of retail executives showed that outperforming brands tend to offer more functionality on their mobile websites than their desktop sites.

Retail ecommerce sales in India will increase 31.0% to reach $32.70 billion in 2018. Investment from Alibaba, Amazon and Walmart into the ecommerce market is fueling rapid growth.

What's Going on with Global Online Marketplaces?

There is little doubt that Amazon dominates online marketplace sales in the US, but is this the case worldwide? Where does Alibaba fit in, and do these major retail players have competition?

Do Bigger Deliveries Equal Bigger Headaches?

A June 2018 uShip survey found that 21% of US digital buyers who purchased an oversized item online have received something damaged, and 15% never even received the item they ordered.

Consumers Look For Savings While Back-to-School Shopping

For many back-to-school shoppers, finding quality items is important, as is spending as little time as possible in the store. But nothing beats a good deal.

Teens, Young Adults Haven't Embraced Mcommerce Yet

Older teens and young adults aren't as reliant on mobile as you might think. They use smartphones to browse, compare and research, but they aren’t avid users of transactional mcommerce.

Prime Day Was Dominated By Amazon-Branded Electronics

Amazon aggressively discounted its own branded electronics for Prime Day this year, and the strategy seems to have worked as consumers scooped up Amazon Fire and Amazon Echo products.

In China, Millennials Are Driving Digital Travel Sales

Nowhere is the shift from offline to online booking more pronounced than in China. Digital travel sales in the region will total $133.90 billion in 2018, a 20.5% increase over 2017.

How Do Emotions Influence Shopping Behavior?

In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," eMarketer analyst Andrew Lipsman discusses how emotions play a role in shopping behavior even if consumers don't think that they do.

Here's What Long Checkout Lines Mean for Grocery Sales

For some shoppers, a long wait in line at the supermarket may lead them to head out the door. And they don't always make the purchase somewhere else: They may just abandon it altogether.

Customer Experience Execs Adapting to Millennial Expectations

Millennials have been the focus of advertisers, retailers and media for over a decade. Marketers are recognizing this massive shift, but not all are capable of meeting the expectations of younger consumers.