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Brexit’s Impact on the UK Auto Industry Means a Drop in Digital Ad Spending

Sep 09, 2019

Lingering uncertainty over Brexit has had an impact on all industries across the British economy, but the automotive sector has been hit particularly hard, which has affected how much it can spend on digital ads.

The German Auto Industry Is Seeing Slowing Growth in Ad Spend

Sep 04, 2019

Germany’s auto industry is central to the economy of the country and the region. But because of macroeconomic trends—like the volatility of the US-China trade negotiations and US President Donald Trump’s mixed trade signals on German cars—the automotive sector in Germany is underspending on ads compared with other industries. The medium-term prognosis remains uncertain.

US: Travel Industry Surpasses CPG in Digital Ad Spending; Auto Falls Below Financial Services

Aug 02, 2019

We expect a shift in US digital ad spending next year, as economic factors weigh on certain industries. In 2020, financial services will displace the auto sector, while travel will surpass consumer packaged goods (CPG).

Boris and Brexit: How No-Deal Might Affect the UK Advertising Industry

Boris and Brexit: How No-Deal Might Affect the UK Advertising Industry

Aug 01, 2019

Boris Johnson, who was sworn in as the new British prime minister last week, declared early on that the UK will leave the EU by October 31. The divisive topic has already claimed two prime ministers and on the surface, there’s a tone of certainty about Johnson’s plans: He has filled his cabinet with Brexiteers, and he’s adamant that a no-deal Brexit will be the default option for “Brexit Day v2” should negotiations with the EU come to nothing.

Auto Sector Dragging Down US Retail Sales

Jun 26, 2019

US auto and auto parts sales in the US are slowing, which will weigh down the entire retail sector. This year, the auto industry will grow 2.0% to $1.299 trillion, the slowest growth rate since at least 2011. Growth will flatten through 2022, according to eMarketer’s latest US retail forecast.