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Average Time Spent with Media in Germany

Jun 27, 2019

The appeal of traditional media with consumers in Germany is still strong compared with the rest of Europe, despite our estimates that time spent with media there will begin to plateau next year.

Amazon Rebrands IMDb Freedive to IMDb TV, Ramping Up Ad-Supported Video Strategy

Jun 26, 2019

In a significant move for the company's larger advertising goals, Amazon is rebranding its barely six-month-old streaming service to further ramp up its ad-supported video strategy.

eMarketer’s Analysts Explain Mary Meeker’s '2019 Internet Trends Report'

eMarketer’s Analysts Explain Mary Meeker’s '2019 Internet Trends Report'

Jun 21, 2019

Mary Meeker, “queen of the internet” and venture capitalist at Bond Capital, released her highly anticipated annual “Internet Trends Report” and touched on everything from digital media usage in the US to consumer confidence in China in the 333-slide presentation she gave at the Recode Code Conference earlier this month.

Average Time Spent with Media in the UK

Jun 17, 2019

Consumers in the UK are barely increasing their time spent with media, and similar to the rest of the world, time spent with mobile becomes a major driver of digital growth.

Average Time Spent with Media in France

Jun 12, 2019

Despite the rapid rise of digital, time spent with traditional media remains dominant in France. However, as consumers max out on how much they can multitask per day and reach a media saturation point, total time spent with media will likely plateau in the next several years.

Connected TV Ad Inventory Keeps Growing

Connected TV Ad Inventory Keeps Growing

Jun 11, 2019

Connected TV inventory is growing like weeds. We expect that more than half of the US population (57.2%) will watch connected TV in 2019, up from 51.7% in 2017. And the time they spend watching will increase too, which means the amount of connected TV inventory available to advertisers is proliferating.

In China, Adults Spend Half Their Media Time Online

Jun 07, 2019

This year, for the first time, adults in China will spend over half of their daily media time on the internet. This is largely a result of increased government efforts to transform and develop internet infrastructure in the more rural parts of the country.