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Content Marketing Goof: Posting a 'Story' When Consumers Want a Coupon

Aug 10, 2018

A new survey finds a bit of common ground between marketers' priorities and consumers' preferences when it comes to content posted on social platforms.

The Value of Audience Attention—What Happens Before the Conversion | Tech-Talk Tuesday

Jun 12, 2018

eMarketer moderates a special presentation with Clare Carr, vice president of marketing at Clare offers insights and best practices to help marketers understand what people are actually paying attention to, enough to convert, so they can replicate it.

B2B Content Marketing—Are You Doing It Right?

Apr 27, 2018

Creating content and sharing it without a clear purpose isn’t enough for B2B brands to be successful. This webinar explores why a refined and documented strategy is a must in today's very crowded content landscape.