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At Money20/20 USA, a community bank’s executive VP and two fintech founders shared lessons learned from a successful infrastructure modernization initiative.

The past 18 months have been a whirlwind in retail, with consumers adapting to technology at a faster clip and retailers looking to bridge the gap between online and in-store. However, total retail sales will dip slightly in the new year before returning to pre-pandemic levels in 2023 and beyond.

Insider Intelligence analysts Adriana Nunez and Tyler Van Dyke recap a session at this year's "Money 20/20" event.

Insider Intelligence analysts Adriana Nunez and Tyler Van Dyke recap a session at this year's "Money 20/20" event.

Issues of deceptive content, privacy, and safety continue to plague social media. Building user trust is critical for social platforms and their advertisers; it affects how users feel on social media sites and may also impact whether users want to engage with ads there.

As technology continues to accelerate and transform the financial sector, Visa saw an opportunity to reintroduce itself to the world with a campaign highlighting its role in facilitating global commerce. Watch Industry Voices: Spotlight on Financial Services with Visa executive Frederique Covington Corbett, PhD, to hear her thoughts on cryptocurrencies, "buy now, pay later," economic inclusion, and more.

Amex said total network volume grew 4% compared with Q3 2019, and it experienced substantial growth in billed business.

After mostly missing out on a year of holiday fun, data shows that US consumers are excited to get back into the swing of things this year.

If they strike a deal, Pinterest would help the payments giant tap into the massive US social commerce industry.

Insider Intelligence spoke with Pooja Sethi, senior vice president and general manager of Resale-as-a-ServiceⓇ at thredUP, on how the retail ecommerce industry can enable consumers to buy secondhand clothing online.

In this Meet the Analyst Webinar, Yory Wurmser, eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence, broke down our forecasts for retail mcommerce sales in the US. He also took stock of the leading factors driving that growth and what it means for retailers.

Three in five US internet users said that discounts are what influence them to buy a product through social media ads, far more than the 44% who cited the brand’s trustworthiness and customer data practices.

Holiday ecommerce sales will rise 14.4% this year, with online channels comprising 18.4% of all spending this November and December.

YouTube is carving into social commerce and TV measurement: The platform is leveraging both its deep pool of creators and large TV-based audience to get a leg up on competitors.

Starbucks is reportedly considering cashierless cafes using Amazon’s Just Walk Out tech, and Instacart will acquire smart cart provider Caper AI.

On today's episode, we discuss our holiday shopping expectations, the differences between this year and last, and where people are shopping. We then talk about how shipping delays will change holiday shopping this year and what the major theme of retail media will be in 2022. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Andrew Lipsman.

Gorillas’ $1 billion raise underscores the market opportunity for last-mile and fast grocery services: The US and EU markets are both heating up, putting pressure on Amazon and Instacart—but is the category sustainable?

Synchrony reported a 16% YoY jump in purchase volume in Q3—partnering with Fiserv’s Clover and a new BNPL solution can sustain that growth.

US holiday retail sales in 2021 will see the strongest growth in more than 20 years, rising 9.0% from last year to $1.147 trillion.