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On this episode of Reimagining Retail, our analyst Suzy Davidkhanian hosts resident apparel expert Sky Canaves. In "Pop-Up Rankings," they discuss several features from the inaugural apparel benchmark study that didn't rank as high as they would have expected. In the second segment, "What's In-Store," Sky and Suzy visit Nordstrom to check out its click-and-collect hubs, the mobile app scan feature, and different store activations.

Big Tech squares off against unions: Momentum is on the side of workers seeking higher wages and transparency. How companies address brewing labor movements could be a red flag for regulators.

US Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Robert Menendez sent a letter to Early Warning Services regarding how it’s handling rising fraud.

Consumers are growing frustrated with ineffective digital ads: A new survey shows that the ad industry’s lack of a proper targeting solution is alienating consumers.

A growing number of brands and retailers are jumping on the bandwagon.

Walmart+ doubled its fuel discount to 10 cents per gallon: Inflated gas prices provide Walmart with an opportunity to drive more people to its membership program.

The tech giant appears to have switched Apple Cash over from Discover to Visa and enhanced fraud prevention features for Apple Pay.

Diversification is key to Harry’s and ThirdLove’s growth plans: With consumer enthusiasm waning for direct-to-consumer models, the two companies offer a glimpse of what’s to come.

Meta is making a modest step into physical retail: Facebook’s parent company is opening a store on its Burlingame, California, campus to let consumers try its metaverse hardware products.

‘Green’ energy targets Greenland: Billionaire-backed KoBold Metals begins mining operations in Greenland to secure minerals for EV batteries. But the advent of new battery technologies might make the venture unnecessary.

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Brands see an opportunity to pad their margins: Consumer demand remains strong for products such Tide, Coca-Cola, and Tyson, which is why companies are boosting prices beyond their increased costs.

Despite slowing growth, US marketplace ecommerce sales are expected to hit $357.26 billion in 2022, making up 34.6% of all online sales.

Among US Netflix subscribers who share their account with others, nearly half said they’d very likely cancel their subscription if the platform began charging them extra for sharing it. An additional 28% said they’d be somewhat likely to delete their accounts, while just 27% say they would stay subscribed.

Shanna Prevé, vice president of enterprise sales and business development at DoorDash, creates partnerships with large customers, from restaurant to convenience to retailers. Prevé spoke with Insider Intelligence about the company’s mission to lead the instant-delivery space, shifting consumer behavior, and smart technologies.

Amazon looks to blunt Shopify’s momentum: Buy with Prime extends the marketplace’s reach by letting shoppers use their Amazon Prime membership to receive fast shipping on other retailers’ websites.

Contractual issues have reportedly stalled its plans to let users send money to businesses via WhatsApp.

Uncertainty around Twitter’s future grows: Elon Musk now says he has funding secured—but whatever happens next, it could be throwing Twitter off its growth goals.