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The instant grocery delivery market is headed toward consolidation: The extremely high cost of 15-minute delivery in the US has startups built on the promise pivoting to longer delivery times and other services.

China deems personalized recommendations discriminatory and harmful to user well-being: The new law could discourage users from spending time—and money—on retail and social media platforms.

The offering gives small merchants an affordable digital payments tool and could complement existing POS tech for large businesses.

The vision of augmented reality (AR) headsets replacing smartphones could become a reality sooner than expected in China.

Best Buy hops on retail ad network bandwagon: The electronics company is the latest of many to leverage its valuable consumer purchase data to form its own media company.

ACH payments rose as card payments made a surprising drop, and consumers tried out new payment types.

Insider Intelligence spoke with Sally Bergesen, founder and CEO of Oiselle, a women’s running apparel brand that was started to create better performing athleticwear for professional and everyday runners.

Walmart Inc. generated $20.38 billion in US click-and-collect sales in 2021.

African fintechs raised nearly $3 billion in 2021—here’s how it’ll fuel the next wave of innovation on the continent.

Rounding up news from the last days of 2021: The news cycle didn’t stop over the holidays. These are some of the most notable stories from the last two weeks.

Thirty-six percent of US consumers took on debt this holiday season—but only about half of them had planned to.

Brands eagerly jump on the retail media network bandwagon: As access to customer data becomes a priority for brands, retailers see an opportunity to diversify their revenue streams.

Our take on what BNPL, cryptos, super apps, and global digital expansion will look like in 2022—and what that means for key stakeholders.

We expect total retail sales in China will have grown by 11.0% in 2021, the strongest growth since 2017.

Brands will need to look beyond climate change lip service and create strategies that address consumers’ specific concerns in each of the markets they operate.

Brick-and-mortar retailers will bank on digital technology to ease shopper friction points and drive in-store sales.

The virtual world will change the way consumers in China interact online and shop.

High-profile acquisitions and partnerships shook up the space as competition intensified.

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) services are more popular among younger generations: 26% of US adults ages 34 and under regularly use these financing solutions, compared with just 8% of those 55 and older.