According to a new study, CMOs will likely pay more attention to technology strategies and making their interactions more human in the next year.

In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," we delve into how technology and the sharing economy are affecting popular tourist destinations, and what measures are being taken by local tourism organizations to promote sustainable travel.

Bennett Hong, CTO of adtech company Jingshuo, discusses what's keeping advertisers in China from adopting blockchain technology.

Smartphones with biometrics, like facial recognition, are becoming the norm. But not everyone is running out to get the latest device that uses this type of technology—even if it does help protect their privacy.

In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," eMarketer analyst Mark Dolliver discusses how internet users over the age of 65 spend their time online, and what's holding many back from adopting newer technology.

Scott Webb, president of cloud technology provider Avionos, talks about a surprising path for the future of marketing clouds.

Executives worldwide list personalized marketing as a top technology-driven strategy when it comes to meeting customers’ needs, according to data from Forbes Insights and Gap International.

Cloud computing may be common knowledge among digital media and marketing executives, but consumers aren’t quite sure about it.

The theme of the show was technology as retailers grappled with the challenge of meeting online competition.

Although it receives constant buzz, there are a few reasons why blockchain isn't widely adopted yet.

Ted Dhanik, CEO and co-founder of ad tech firm engage:BDR, spoke about how publishers can use cryptocurrencies to get paid faster.

Quorum mined statements from members of Congress over the past decade and found that they talk more about technology than any other sector of the economy.

A global survey focusing on new technologies identified some as confusing, but others as both confusing and overhyped.

In the latest episode of eMarketer’s “Behind the Numbers” podcast, the topic is “Big Tech.” Once beloved, major tech brands now face a backlash. What are the implications for the platforms amidst potential political, regulatory and consumer pressures?

Are driverless cars close to market, or is a full-fledged launch still well off in the future? eMarketer's Ezra Palmer and Marcus Johnson consider the regulatory, technical and psychological hurdles that must be cleared before autonomous vehicles become commonplace. Part three of our series of conversations about apparently outlandish ideas that could become everyday realities.

Are drone deliveries likely to be coming to your neighborhood soon? eMarketer's Ezra Palmer and Marcus Johnson discuss the future of drone delivery, and how technical and business factors, as well as consumer attitudes, are likely to affect mass drone deployment. Part two of our series of conversations about apparently outlandish ideas that could become everyday realities.

Less than half of marketing executives worldwide consider themselves “fairly prepared” to meet digitally disruptive competition, according to data from IMD and Cisco.

As technology transforms the business, retailers are waking up to the reality that the way they traditionally structured their organizations may no longer work.

"Blockchain" technology, pioneered by digital currency Bitcoin, is seeing growing interest across a variety of non-financial industries.