On the back of Cerner’s Q2 rosy revenue reporting, we unpack how it can win the market share tug-of-war with Epic over the next few years with its more affordable options for small hospitals.

SonderMind nabbed $150M for its tech that matches patients with low-cost mental health providers—below, we explore how startups like it are partnering up with competitors like Zocdoc to tap more customers.

Telehealth stands stronger with DTx than alone: Amwell is acquiring digital mental health therapeutics company SilverCloud and automated virtual care firm Conversa Health, signalling a new chapter in telehealth.

Anthem, Humana JV could be a golden distro channel for DTx makers: The payers are developing a cloud-based pharmacy benefits management platform,—we unpack why its pricing transparency feature makes it a good choice for DTx vendors trying to get their therapies on drug formularies.

Happify Health launched the first-ever prescription digital therapy for anxiety and depression, giving it a competitive edge over its peers—but if DTx companies want doctors to prescribe their apps, they’ll need insurers on their side.

Taking social determinants of health programs to the next level: UnitedHealthcare dropped $11.4 million into social health programs across the US—we unpack why that’s not enough to generate a meaningful healthcare impact.

The retail giant filed paperwork to provide virtual care in 37 states as it decelerates brick-and-mortar expansion plans. We think it could market audio-only visits to its massive Medicare population since pandemic-era coverage for these visits could be permanent.

Google and The Harris Poll's recently released data shows how physicians unanimously say interoperability is a top priority—we unpack the obstacles preventing them from achieving it, and how cloud providers can help clear the path.

The launch of Amazon Pharmacy in November 2020, along with a new Prime Rx benefit, simply adds another category for Prime members to try and may create even more shopper loyalty.

Digital health’s funding frenzy isn’t slowing down: The first half of 2021 brought in a new record high of $15 billion in digital health funding, with telehealth investments accounting for the biggest chunk—here’s why digital health funding is beating the odds despite a drop in telehealth use.

Telehealth bridged some gaps in mental health disparities: Anthem’s recent claims data analysis shows Hispanic and Latino members were the most active users of telehealth for mental health—but there’s still a long road to establishing health equity in virtual healthcare.

Johns Hopkins’ diagnostic AI spinout comes out of stealth mode: The clinical decision support platform is going on the commercial market and hoping to win the trust of physicians—we unpack why it just might.

On today's episode, we discuss whether startups like Oscar Health can take on the major health insurers, how the consumerization of healthcare is changing expectations, and what digital tools are leading to healthcare's digitization. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Lisa Phillips.