Despite market uncertainty, rapid delivery is becoming a fact of life: Tesco, Albertsons, and Publix are some of the retailers inking deals with delivery platforms to offer quick fulfillment, while quick commerce startup Zepto is raking in cash from investors.

Virtual product placements are about to become big business: Both Amazon and NBCUniversal touted new ad units during the NewFronts.

The plant-based foods industry needs to change: As the category expands its customer base beyond vegetarians, it needs to cut prices and improve its products.

Consumer centricity is at the core of Kellogg Co.’s marketing. Watch Industry Voices: CMOs Look Ahead with Charisse Hughes, chief brand and advanced analytics officer, to learn how a holistic data approach powers the brand’s engagement, acquisition, and innovation strategies, as well as the importance of communicating a value exchange.

Shanna Prevé, vice president of enterprise sales and business development at DoorDash, creates partnerships with large customers, from restaurant to convenience to retailers. Prevé spoke with Insider Intelligence about the company’s mission to lead the instant-delivery space, shifting consumer behavior, and smart technologies.

After less than a year, Just Eat might sell Grubhub: The news is the latest sign that the oversaturated food delivery industry is struggling.

Immersive technologies are reimagining what’s possible in the B2B space. Watch Industry Voices: CMOs Look Ahead with Milena Oliveira, senior vice president and CMO, to hear how 3M’s Transportation and Electronics Business Group (TEBG) leverages mixed reality alongside industry expertise to support an integrated customer experience.

In 2022, US meal-kit subscription services will deliver $7.63 billion in digital sales to make up 22.8% of the country’s subscription ecommerce sales. The meal-kit subscription market has seen slowing growth since mushrooming by 85.0% in 2020, though its 17.0% increase this year is healthy nonetheless.

Delivery apps race to sign up retailers to their platforms: DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Gopuff each inked new deals to grow their retailer network and bring fast delivery to more customers.

Grocers fine-tune their retail media networks to attract CPG dollars: Kroger and Walmart’s new features aim to improve advertisers’ experiences and results, but they may fall short of expectations.

Amazon’s digital sales will grow significantly faster than the overall market in four categories this year.

A changing grocery delivery landscape forces Instacart to diversify: The delivery company launches a suite of retailer-focused tech solutions as rivals encroach on its turf.

L’Oréal’s data-driven marketing enables personalization so consumers can explore their unique beauty. Hear from L’Oréal’s chief digital and marketing officer about how the company is effectively using multichannel marketing to enhance engagement, drive conversion, and create consumer loyalty.

Insider Intelligence spoke with Cathy Lewenberg, COO of online alcoholic beverage delivery platform Drizly.

Auto and parts and food and beverage will be the fastest-growing ecommerce categories; both will see double-digit growth but from a relatively small base.

In the US, software startups attracted $121.2 billion in venture capital investments last year, more than triple what those in commercial products and services received, at $39.1 billion. Pharmaceuticals and biotech raised the third-highest amount, with $37.8 billion in venture capital.

Join our analyst Andrew Lipsman, "Behind the Numbers" host Marcus Johnson, and Colgate-Palmolive's ecommerce director of growth strategy and planning Todd Hassenfelt to hear about Andrew’s recent visit to a "Just Walk Out" Amazon Fresh grocery store and the in-store digital retail media opportunity for brands selling at Amazon Fresh.

Private labels are winning over consumers with good value for the money. Among US adults, 89.7% said they switched from a national label mainly because the store brand offered better value, and 47.9% said deals and/or membership rewards motivated the move. Meanwhile, 52.0% cited the private-label brand’s bigger selection of products.

Curated by eMarketer, this special collection of interviews will help you understand how consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers’ digital ad spend and commerce strategies have evolved due to market challenges, including waning loyalty, rising prices, and stocking issues.

With inflation on the rise and supply chains in disarray, consumers are checking their grocery lists twice. In the US, 38% of adults are cutting down on how often they buy meat, poultry, or fish, while about one-quarter are purchasing snacks, dessert foods, or prepared foods less.