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The UK neobank giant is rolling out stock trading in the US in hopes of capturing the retail trading boom, but existing digital brokers have already scooped up the lion’s share.

While commission-free trading isn’t unique, bundling it with crypto and savings features will increase the time the UK-based neobank’s US customers spend with it.

The raise signals a push toward further expansion to fuel platform growth due to the competitive threat of incumbents encroaching on startup turf.

On today's episode, we discuss how digital-only neobanks are reshaping consumer banking, what makes them an attractive alternative to legacy banks, and how they are incorporating subscriptions into their business model. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer vice president of content and head of financial services at Insider Intelligence Daniel Van Dyke.

The world’s largest crypto exchange is ditching its decentralized structure to appease regulatory concerns as it could no longer ignore consecutive bans across the globe.

In an exclusive Q&A with Insider Intelligence, Michael Naggar talks about his role in evangelizing the adoption of Agile processes and how this transformation impacts Citi’s business culture.

The pandemic has changed customer expectations, providing a welcome boost to insurtechs’ and Big Techs’ user growth and forcing insurers to adapt.

Following rollouts in Ireland and France, Square launched an early access program in Spain, where it can capitalize on rising digital payments use.

The US banking giant will launch its first international retail presence this week. Its resources, market experience, and patience about attaining profitability suggest that it could be a formidable player.

Here’s a look at some of the latest news from our Payments & Commerce analysts.

Established fintechs are increasingly commanding funding—and the space’s maturation will herald more exits and pressure from investors to demonstrate a path to profitability

More than half of US adults were first taught about investing by either themselves or nobody.

Groww is in talks for a new raise that would triple its valuation to $3B as investors eye huge user acquisition opportunities for local fintechs.

The banking giant will buy fintech GreenSky in a deal worth about $2.24 billion, broadening the line of products available to consumers through its direct bank unit.

The BNPL provider will let merchants accept Bitcoin payments and plans to launch a crypto trading feature—which may help it stand out as other BNPL providers opt for more traditional feature enhancements.

In an exclusive Q&A with Insider Intelligence, Dontá Wilson talks about why he sees “digital transformation” as a misnomer—and how “client transformation” is a better term for guiding banks’ digital strategy.

Lemonade added a preventative pet insurance package for younger pets amid strong premium growth—but we expect the insurtech to prioritize providing one-stop-shop insurance coverage

Among US adults, cryptocurrency owners and non-owners alike are most interested in using the digital assets to enhance the privacy or security of their online purchases.