Financial Services

The corporate credit card fintech raised $300M just 6 months after its last mega-round, enabling it to continue building out its product suite.

The bank’s plans to overhaul its mobile app and AI assistant could help it gain customers and offer an improved user experience.

Its deal for Fair Square Financial marks the digital-only bank’s second attempt at buying a credit-card company in less than two years.

As technology continues to accelerate and transform the financial sector, Visa saw an opportunity to reintroduce itself to the world with a campaign highlighting its role in facilitating global commerce. Watch Industry Voices: Spotlight on Financial Services with Visa executive Frederique Covington Corbett, PhD, to hear her thoughts on cryptocurrencies, "buy now, pay later," economic inclusion, and more.

Investment managers will increasingly seek fintech partnerships and solutions, like Moody’s latest tool, to meet new requirements for ESG investing.

Fees paid by customers getting dinged for overdrawing their account reached an all-time high in 2021. But Congress and regulators may push banks to pivot away from the practice.

Fintechs can boost platform trading activity with tokenization: Republic raised $150M to add digital securities to its investing platform. These divide expensive assets into more liquid blockchain tokens.

OCC pick favors sweeping changes like Fed takeover of accounts: Saule Omarova’s radical proposal has splintered Senate Democratic backing for Biden’s nominee—just as the very nature of banking is also being questioned by market forces.

More than a third of US investors believe people will stop using cash sometime in the next five years, with 12% of those investors expecting this change to come within a year.

The SEC’s green light means investors can gain exposure to crypto with a Bitcoin futures-linked ETF, though many will likely wait for one backed by actual cryptos.

The carmarker, which has a history of rushing solutions to market, launched coverage that uses software still in beta to evaluate real-time driving behavior.

The German neobank will pursue growth in established markets and make a push into Eastern Europe. This prioritization clarifies its strategy and is in line with other big challengers.

Whether you visit a branch or digital property, TD Bank is reevaluating traditional banking’s communication methods. Watch Industry Voices: Spotlight on Financial Services with TD Bank’s Lee Lai, senior vice president and head of customer and retail distribution marketing, to hear why maintaining local human interactions across channels is a top priority.

TradingView raised $298M as new investors flocked to its platform which combines trading tools with a social network. Adding social media components is key to keeping retail investors engaged.

Nubank’s first H1 profit in Brazil vindicates its growth strategy: The neobanking giant reached first-half profitability at home—and its payment volume and loan book surged. Overseas expansion and a new paid account could continue this momentum.

Slowing global retail volume will push digital brokers to seek new ways to attract new users and keep the ones they’ve got.