Financial Services

This latest funding round adds to its war chest, providing ample gunpowder to deploy as it looks to expand its products’ breadth and geographic reach.

With the $70 million raise, the insurtech will further gamify the industry, and a recent uptick in online searches for life insurance and a need for better employee benefits can increase growth.

With Just Invest, Vanguard acquires the tech to offer direct indexing to a wider pool of investors and corner that market, as it has with traditional index investing.

BofA digital engagement surges: The US-based bank disclosed that users are turning to digital channels more frequently, even as adoption slows. With adoption now approaching saturation, engagement will become the next frontier for banks.

The insurance comparison marketplace is eyeing a SPAC merger as it diversifies its product suite—yet another insurtech taking this route to enter the public markets.

China could be ready to launch the digital yuan in early 2022, and India is building a CBDC framework while also warming up to Bitcoin.

Crypto exchange Bullish will go public via the SPAC merger by year’s end even though it’s yet to launch, leaving it little to go on to entice investors beyond its high-profile backers.

The White House called on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to move ahead with data-sharing regulation— its adoption would make it easier for neobanks to become customers’ primary banks and help all banking players partner with fintechs.

Clearco raised $215 million following a host of fellow alt lenders also securing significant rounds and expanding globally. The crowded market could lead to a drop in fees.

Credit card appetite is growing in tandem with retail sales—what are issuers doing to make the most of this comeback?

The banking giant will drop existing lines to simplify its product offerings—which could help its bid to shuck the federally mandated asset cap, but hurt retention by driving off impacted customers.

While doubling down on its embedded finance solution puts Younited Credit in competition with the likes of Klarna and Afterpay, the booming ecommerce market in France could also present a lucrative growth opportunity.

Google eyes Japanese payments acquisition: The tech giant is in negotiations to buy cashless payments startup pring, which could help strengthen its business in Japan as the country begins to embrace digital payments.

Incumbents and fintechs alike are launching teen investing accounts, and no amount of heightened regulatory pressure will stop them—here’s why.

Some customers became collateral damage from the US neobank’s initiative to fight fraudulent federal stimulus checks and unemployment insurance—which could hurt Chime’s efforts to attract users and persuade them to make it their primary bank.

The network’s $1 billion crypto-related spend total in H1 2021 points to an effective growth strategy—and serves as a harbinger of what’s to come.