Financial Services

After a leadership change and multiple delays, the tech giant won’t offer co-branded bank accounts through its digital wallet. But its Plan B could be a problem for banking as a service firms.

Cash-back credit cards could make themselves more appealing to prospective customers with a few key features.

As consumers have gotten more comfortable using debit cards online, US digital debit card spending has outpaced that of credit cards. Transaction value will fall in 2021, but we expect growth to return in 2022.

The API brokerage platform is easing Chilean retail investors’ access to US stocks as it seeks to expand in the region. LATAM presents a huge user growth opportunity for foreign digital brokers.

In the increasingly crowded US buy now, pay later (BNPL) space, the convenience of Upgrade’s single-invoicing feature could catch consumers’ attention.

Betterment will likely use the fresh funds to broaden its investing options—and crypto products have a high potential growth vector.

The UK-based personal finance management app seeks to raise $128.2M in two years to go global. Expanding to less mature markets can help it its rapid user growth.

The UK neobank’s banking as a service offering could open up a promising business line—helping nonbanks to offer banking products that interest consumers.

Coalition raised $205M to combat cyber attacks within companies—and its expansion plans will help it cross-sell more policies.

New insurance features and an added subscription tier could help Monese expand into more profitable lines of business.

Twitter has leaped ahead of Reddit and Facebook in using crypto to boost engagement—its users can now tip fellow tweeters with Bitcoin.

Nearly half of US survey respondents uninterested in banking primarily through a digital-only bank cited data security as a concern, according to a PYMNTS-Optherium report.

eToro launched a DeFi portfolio to give retail investors exposure to the new asset class as the industry matures and more players look to get in on the action.

Its AI-powered virtual assistant added a predictions tool that lets customers view projected cash flows. It could help RBC keep up with rivals’ mobile money management features.

China’s central bank made crypto transactions and exchanges illegal, potentially in an effort to encourage digital yuan adoption.

The majority of US adults are against living in a cashless society, with 60% indicating they’d prefer physical money to stick around.

Here’s how French fintechs raised $2.45B so far this year—the third-largest funding in Europe—and what it means for the UK’s top spot.

On today's episode, we discuss whether Facebook has reached a turning point, how people now feel about digital ads, if the world is ready for eSports endorsers or finance influencers (aka finfluencers), the pandemic pet boom, what we keep learning about customers' needs, how to make sure you treat in-office and remote workers fairly, a town with free alcohol, and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer analysts Nina Goetzen and Blake Droesch, and senior analyst at Insider Intelligence Jasmine Enberg.