Netflix is still the king of streaming, but will its subscription-based model be able to sustain the business as cheaper, ad-supported platforms enter the streaming space?

In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," we're talking about consumers' mobile video viewing habits and preferences. Our guest, Daniel Taitz, president of mobile video software company Penthera, digs into new Penthera survey data about consumers' likes and dislikes, and how mobile viewing varies around the world.

In this "Behind the Numbers" playlist, we talk all about streaming sports in various markets, including the US, Latin America, Europe and APAC. Our analysts break down the audience, content, platforms and marketing opportunities in these regions.

"Behind the Numbers" continues its weeklong investigation of sports streaming around the world with a discussion of Europe's major markets. What platforms and programming are most popular in the UK, France and Germany, and how large are their audiences?

In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," we continue our series on sports streaming around the world. This time, guests Paul Briggs and Paul Verna discuss the audience, content, platforms and marketing opportunities in streaming sports in Canada.

As Netflix moves to lift its subscription prices, new streaming services are looking to chip away at its base. In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," we take a look at the expanding list of competitors in the streaming space, and how consumers may respond.

Roku, the David to the connected-TV-device Goliaths (Apple, Amazon and Google), is differentiating itself by expanding its advertising business.

The TV and OTT landscapes continue to shift and slide as consumers adopt digital video and streaming options, and the companies producing long-form content make bets on where audiences will spend their time. Here are eight digital video market predictions for 2019.

No social app since Snapchat has succeeded in capturing significant usage in the US. But the Chinese-owned, short-video app TikTok is enjoying sudden growth in popularity. Can it buck the trend and challenge the existing social networks?

Programmatic buying for TV is still developing, and two issues the industry is still grappling with are brand safety and viewer experience. eMarketer’s principal analyst Lauren Fisher spoke with David Dworin, vice president of advisory services at TV supply-side platform (SSP) FreeWheel, about the areas of opportunities for programmatic enablement of linear TV advertising.

In 2018, esports captured the attention of nearly 400 million viewers worldwide—and cable and OTT platforms took note, with media rights revenues topping $180 million.

Over-the-top video inventory demand is very strong, but the supply of impressions is limited. This has created an opportunity for fraudsters to trick advertisers into buying inventory that does not really exist.

"Behind the Numbers" completes its investigation of sports streaming around the world with a look at two key Latin American markets, Brazil and Mexico. eMarketer's Paul Verna and Matteo Ceurvels discuss the platforms and opportunities for marketers.

All this week, "Behind the Numbers" is focusing on sports streaming around the world. In the third episode, we turn our attention to APAC. What sports and events are driving uptake in China? Where are esports the biggest thing? And what about cricket?

This week, "Behind the Numbers" is all about sports—streaming sports, that is. In the first episode of a five-part series, we focus on the US market, breaking down sports-streaming platforms, audiences and revenues. eMarketer's Paul Verna and Paul Briggs join host Marcus Johnson for the discussion.

In this on-demand Meet the Analyst Webinar, eMarketer senior analyst Mark Dolliver, shares what digital marketers can expect, and insight on how to prepare your strategy for the year ahead. Topics discussed include digital’s reinvention of physical retail, voice technology, social media and more.

In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," mobile analyst Rahul Chadha breaks down eMarketer's latest estimates for the booming mobile video advertising market, and digs into the underlying drivers.

How big is the audience for Facebook's video channel, Facebook Watch, and how has the social network's video strategy evolved? In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," analysts Debra Aho Williamson and Paul Verna discuss Facebook's various video efforts and how they stack up against the competition.

For Netflix, 2018 marked another year of double-digit audience growth in the US, and its movie ambitions threatened to shake up cinema in the way that it has already shaken the TV industry. In this "Behind the Numbers" playlist, you can track Netflix's progress around the world, as well as its stumbles.

Facebook Watch users still make up a small percentage of total worldwide Facebook users. Can the video service compete with the likes of Youtube and Netflix?