Walmart Inc.’s earnings show the benefit of prioritizing value over profits: The company’s decision to keep prices low helped it maintain growth and gain market share.

According to a PayPal-commissioned poll by Maru Group in July 2021, almost three-quarters (72%) of adults in Canada said they like being able to order groceries online,

Gopuff’s labor challenges underscore the dark side of rapid delivery: The company is likely trying to cut costs ahead of a potential IPO but must contend with increased government scrutiny and worker activism.

Across almost all product categories, US luxury shoppers are far more likely to make purchases in-store than online. Physical retail had the widest lead in the food and beverage category, followed by watches and jewelry. Digital got the upper hand in only fashion and travel, suggesting that for many tangible luxury goods, shoppers prefer to see and feel them before spending big bucks.

Price increases hit retailers and consumers hard: As inflation approaches historic highs, retailers have to decide how much of the cost can be passed on without alienating their customer base.

Amazon Fresh is on a rapid growth curve: Grocery is a key element within Amazon’s offline push.

Insider Intelligence spoke with Lulu Ge, founder and CEO of Elix Healing, a femtech product that offers Chinese herbal supplements for people experiencing menstrual pain.

Based on our US Digital Grocery Features Benchmark 2022 report, which evaluates 10 digital grocers based on an analysis of 30 different features on their websites, membership and account features are the most important features to consumers.

Insider Intelligence spoke with Lindsay McCormick, founder and CEO of Bite, a direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand founded to help consumers decrease plastic use in their personal care routines, starting with a plastic-free toothpaste before expanding into other products like deodorant.

China’s grocery ecommerce sales were expected to grow 24.6% in 2021 and reach $198.70 billion (RMB 1.36 trillion).

Instacart’s delivery ambitions extend beyond grocery: Ahead of a potential IPO, the grocery delivery giant expands its product offerings to include prepared food delivery.

The instant grocery delivery market is headed toward consolidation: The extremely high cost of 15-minute delivery in the US has startups built on the promise pivoting to longer delivery times and other services.

Rounding up news from the last days of 2021: The news cycle didn’t stop over the holidays. These are some of the most notable stories from the last two weeks.

We expect total retail sales in China will have grown by 11.0% in 2021, the strongest growth since 2017.

Health and beauty items are the most-purchased products via smart speaker, with 8.9 million US internet users ordering these products on their smart speakers between August 2019 and August 2021.

Ford to offer EV charging, telematics as a service: Covering EV pain points can help Ford gain a foothold in the commercial EV market and lead to wider adoption by government and businesses.

Insider Intelligence spoke with Andy Berman, vice president of Gopuff Marketing Solutions.

We estimate that digital ad spending by consumer product good (CPG) brands will hit $30.56 billion this year. What's more is that the CPG sector is one of five industries to devote more than 70% of their total ad budgets to mobile.

We expect retail media advertising to be one of the fastest-growing segments of digital advertising in the US at over 31%. But this is just one of the five key trends that we predict will most shape the retail landscape in the year ahead.

Online grocery startups face fierce competition and other growing pains: Venture capitalists have poured billions into these fast-delivery companies, but their success is far from guaranteed.