The CMS may repeal a long-awaited hospital price transparency rule it just enforced, much to hospitals’ liking—here’s how digital health solutions could disrupt the healthcare payments space and address this contentious issue.

Medtronic and Surgical Theater partnered to use AR to boost real-time neurosurgery visualizations. While hospitals like Johns Hopkins are turning to AR to streamline surgeries, it’ll likely take some time before cash-strapped hospitals can hope for wide-scale implementation of the tech.

For digitally native brands, 2020 was a hard year, especially as the pandemic shifted shopping priorities to essential goods. Even so, collectively, these brands saw increased growth—and more than we expected.

Many mobile app categories saw a boost last year as more consumers spent time with their devices during quarantines. According to our estimates for smartphone app user growth, grocery apps, food delivery apps, and health/fitness apps were the three fastest-growing categories in 2020.

Christiana Care Health System is joining forces with Highmark Health to launch a tech-driven VBC-focused JV—giving a glimpse into where healthcare is headed

Omada has a new tool that lets physical therapists monitor chronic pain patients from home—and while most startups like it focus on employer contracts, they’re missing out on a massive audience: the uninsured.

United Health revealed stellar Q1 earnings—but it’s already catching flak from regulators wary of its aggressive growth trajectory, and it’ll likely see resistance from competitors, too.