Digital health cos burst open the funding floodgates: They brought in a record $14.7 billion in the first half the year alone—we unpack why so many of these cash recipients are those using a direct-to-consumer model.

Why telemental health cos should start addressing social health factors like housing: As telehealth cos like Hims & Hers and AbleTo expand their virtual mental health offerings, we unpack why it may not be enough to capture consumers, and how addressing social factors can help them reel in engaged users.

Telehealth usage continues to fall, but it’s not doomed: While new data highlights the decline in telehealth usage, adoption is still far higher than pre-pandemic—we unpack how telehealth vendors can hold consumer appetite for the long haul.

MDLive unveiled new data showing it captured patients who were otherwise forgoing primary care. We unpack why virtual primary care alone is not enough to sustain consumers in the post-pandemic future.

Pear Therapeutics announced it’s going public via a $1.6B SPAC merger—while we think it could trigger a string of digital therapeutics M&As, CMS reimbursement will be the key to wide-scale expansion.

Are virtual clinical trials just as good as in-person? HumanFirst and Duke’s Clinical Research Institute are studying how clinical trials can best use remote monitoring tech—which starts to answer the big question of whether digital health tracking data is reliable enough to inform big healthcare decisions.

Google's consolidating its health records and Search talent teams into its Fitbit business—this could signal its intent to pair Fitbit with personal health records, giving it enough ammo to catch up to Apple.

FCC paves more of the US with telehealth connectivity: Its Connected Care Pilot Program welcomed 36 new projects aimed at bridging the connectivity divide across the US—which could lure more telehealth vendors into new geographic markets.

On today's episode, we discuss how productivity is being reimagined in the WFH era, the implications of physical stores closing again this Thanksgiving, which companies have had recent turnaround performances, whether Netflix opening an online store makes sense, what the Olympics going ahead could mean for everyone, how to trick yourself into eating less, and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analysts Nicole Perrin and Paul Verna and analyst at Insider Intelligence Blake Droesch.

Recent reports say Apple has paused its virtual and in-person primary care ambitions—we unpack why its Watch and iPhone footprint could help it flourish when it decides to press play.

On today's episode, we discuss how many Americans have adopted telehealth, how people are using it, and what's both driving it forward and holding it back. We then talk about the popularity of buy now, pay later services, why some retailers are now starting to expand their brick and mortar presence, and what adding prescription discounts might do for Amazon and Walmart's membership programs. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst Lisa Phillips and director of forecasting at Insider Intelligence Cindy Liu.

Pharma companies are finding it difficult to hire data science talent—we think it’ll make AI drug discovery startups like Valo (who is going public via a $2.8B SPAC merger) attractive partners.