New data reveals teletherapists are less likely to offer services to Medicaid beneficiaries than Medicare patients post-pandemic. We detail what it means for the future of Medicaid.

MindMaze has plans to validate its latest digital therapy for stroke intervention in the US. We detail why its new AMA codes could help it stand out to clinicians.

Apple dominates surging smartwatch sales, but Google is entering the fray: Growing interest in smartwatches and headphones in emerging markets like India indicate potential for Google and partners to grow Android’s ecosystem with devices like the new Pixel Watch

Homeward is powering primary care services across 700 Rite Aid pharmacy locations. But the pharmacy giant has no plans to encroach on local primary care providers.

Is CVS Health turning into a primary care behemoth? The company’s new virtual primary care service fits into CVS’ goal of becoming a preferred healthcare destination for millions of consumers.

Even insured patients need help affording care. We dive into a new survey on consumers’ medical cost concerns and how price transparency tools can turn confusion into clarity.

Google encroaches on Apple in wearable-based clinical research: A study in partnership with the University of Oregon hopes to learn how smartphone use impacts wellbeing. We detail how it helps Google make inroads into health studies.

Runway gains first mover advantage with direct-to-consumer travel telehealth: It’s replacing expensive and antiquated travel clinics with online $30 pre-trip consultations and medications, disrupting a $12 billion market.

Seeing is believing: Our quick explainer video gives you insight into what the metaverse is all about.

On today's episode, we discuss how wearable tech devices will shake up healthcare, which features will make health wearables a must-have, and how Amazon and Apple will continue to disrupt the industry. "In Other News," we talk about why digital pharmacies are getting in trouble and what we should make of telehealth companies slowing down. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Lisa Phillips and Rajiv Leventhal.