Dying private practices get a lifeline: PatientPop and Kareo are merging to forman all-in-one platform to help practices grow, optimize revenues, and keep up with innovation—something that could save struggling practices and even facilitate consolidation.

It’s reportedly on a health tech hiring spree amid data practice controversies—but we think Big Tech’s difficulty in disrupting healthcare and waning consumer trust could hamper its healthcare impact.

When unexpected market trends put more focus on health and wellness, The Vitamin Shoppe placed their customers center stage. Watch Industry Voices: Spotlight on CPG with Nadina Guglielmetti, marketing executive at The Vitamin Shoppe, to hear how precise investments in the customer journey can lead to big payoffs—in awareness, engagement, and credibility.

There’s no place like home for remote clinical trials: Medable scored a whopping $304 million in funding to expand its decentralized clinical trial capabilities—we explore why decentralized clinical trials are here to stay well after the pandemic.

A new OIG report details how Medicare Advantage members are far more likely to conduct a home healthcare visit with a provider they don't have a relationship with—good news for startups like Dispatch Health and Heal.

Amazon’s new Alexa-powered tool for hospitals and senior living centers keeps providers and patients more connected—a sign Amazon wants a bigger piece of the senior care market.

Everyone wants a slice of virtual primary care: 23andMe acquired telemedicine firm, and CrossFit raised our brows with its primary care launch—we unpack why companies across the gamut are in hot pursuit of virtual primary care.

Microsoft’s advanced interoperability features may be held back by healthcare entities lagging on the basics: We unpack how health apps and other players are still holding back widescale interoperability.

UnitedHealthcare’s new virtual-first health plan is one of many we expect from insurers in the year ahead: The nation’s largest insurer rolled out a virtual-first health plan that touts greater access to care at lower costs—key reasons why other insurers will follow suit.

We unpack how VillageMD’s aggressive expansion plans and physician-led clinics could spell trouble for retail clinic rivals Walmart and CVS.

Walmart's partnership with digital health benefits startup Transcarent could elevate Walmart’s healthcare play and bring it head to head with the likes of Amazon and CVS.

Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, and 11 other health systems created a coalition to advocate for telehealth reimbursement and advance home health programs—key to sustaining home healthcare’s long-term growth

On today's episode, we discuss who is shaking up primary care, how it is being disrupted, why now, and how technology is playing a heightened role in how primary care is delivered. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer digital health analyst at Insider Intelligence Rajiv Leventhal.

Remote patient monitoring will have over twice as many US users in 2024 as previously expected.

Its acquisition of remote patient monitoring firm Current Health signals Best Buy is pressing the gas to make a bigger name for itself in healthcare.