Big Tech gets old-fashioned: Apple summoning its employees back to the office isn’t going over well. As workers threaten to quit, other tech companies could fill the satisfaction gap.

Amazon workers in Staten Island vote against unionizing: The labor movement isn’t over yet, but the defeat could stall momentum in Big Tech as companies redouble efforts to bust unions.

Apple’s shift away from tech doesn’t come at the expense of its brand: Once known for its sleek hardware, Apple is now focusing on media.

Chinese government looks to scale back regulation: Beijing eases controls on Big Tech companies, leading to a stock rally and optimism that short-term recovery can offset losses from factory closures.

Is AI becoming Big Brother? Human presence and emotional-state detection technologies are raising civil rights alarms bells. Although they could have merits for productivity, they’re also invasive and error-prone.

The push to rein in cloud spending sprees: Pressure to digitally transform has spurred out-of-control cloud spending. The near-term burden will likely fall on cloud customers to cut costs.

Big Tech squares off against unions: Momentum is on the side of workers seeking higher wages and transparency. How companies address brewing labor movements could be a red flag for regulators.

Meta released its Q1 2022 earnings, revealing the company's slowest revenue growth since going public, for a total of $27.91 billion. Daily active users bounced back by 30 million users to 1.96 billion, following the platform’s first-ever drop in Q4 2021.

Elon Musk and Twitter agree to $43.4B buyout: Musk hopes to take Twitter private with less content moderation and more free speech but will need to consider ramping up advertising to cover debt financing costs.

Meta is making a modest step into physical retail: Facebook’s parent company is opening a store on its Burlingame, California, campus to let consumers try its metaverse hardware products.

‘Green’ energy targets Greenland: Billionaire-backed KoBold Metals begins mining operations in Greenland to secure minerals for EV batteries. But the advent of new battery technologies might make the venture unnecessary.

Add robotaxis to the list of upcoming Tesla products: Struggles with fully autonomous driving, delivering on schedule, and safety are huge roadblocks to Tesla’s robotaxi flex.

Shanna Prevé, vice president of enterprise sales and business development at DoorDash, creates partnerships with large customers, from restaurant to convenience to retailers. Prevé spoke with Insider Intelligence about the company’s mission to lead the instant-delivery space, shifting consumer behavior, and smart technologies.

Amazon and others are rapidly rolling out contactless checkout: While the pandemic sparked interest in contactless technology, the tight labor market could lead more retailers to adopt the tools.

‘This is what we’ve always needed’: We talk with Delta CleanTech’s Lionel Kambeitz about what Big Tech’s plan to invest $925 million in carbon removal technologies means for his industry.

Subscriber flight costs Netflix $50 billion in value: Streaming giant suffers worst loss in over a decade and risks losing more users by spending less on original content, charging more for shared passwords, and introducing ad-supported tiers.

Big Tech faces big labor challenge: A labor reckoning is at hand as tech workers accelerate unionization efforts, demanding accountability, representation, and corporate transparency from an industry that’s largely avoided unions.

The metaverse promises to be transformative for the digital marketing landscape—at least, as soon as tech platforms figure out how it will actually work.

Can Twitter fend off Elon Musk’s takeover bid? The future of Twitter’s board, shareholders, and employees hangs in the balance as the standoff escalates and the social media company opens to acquisition.