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Shoppers Have High Expectations for Retailers' Responses to Reviews

Consumer perception isn't formed just by strangers' experiences with a product—shoppers are also evaluating retailers on how responsive they are. While consumers expect to see online buyers' honest opinions, they also have high expectations for retailer involvement.

There were no major announcements akin to the Prime membership fee increase earlier this year. But Prime is playing a prominent role in Amazon's growth, as are a few other factors.

Buy Now, Pay Later Picks Up Steam Online

Ecommerce-wise, sometimes it seems like everything old is new again. Traditional retail features like layaway and installment plans have been adapted for online shopping and are growing in popularity—especially among younger consumers.

Some Retailers Aren't Sure How IoT Will Transform the Industry

Many believe that the internet of things will transform the retail industry, but fewer are certain in which ways—and how—this will affect their business.

Gen Zers Comb Through Product Reviews Before Buying

Now that Generation Z has some purchasing power of its own, many of these young internet users are turning to the opinions of strangers to decide what they should buy—just like their older counterparts.

Many Consumers Still Don't Trust Retailers with Their Data

The retail industry is no stranger to data breaches, and unsurprisingly, consumers have little confidence that retailers can keep their personal data safe from hackers, according to findings from First Data.

Payment Innovation Is Driven by Competitive Pressures

Like customer experience and digital transformation, the need for innovation has become a priority across industries. Retail is no exception. A new PYMNTS and AEVI survey examined what is motivating retailers to innovate payments. The biggest driver to innovate was competition (84.6%). No one wants to get left behind, and many just want to be on a level playing field.

US Shoppers Are Still Driven By Saving a Buck

A new National Retail Federation study examines what it is calling "value shoppers," the 89% of US consumers who frequent discount retailers. With a figure that high, this behavior transcends gender, region, income and age.

First books, now … mattresses? Amazon and a host of new brands are shaking up the mattress industry and remaking the customer journey. eMarketer’s Andrew Lipsman lays out the facts and data.

Everyone knows shoppers love discounts, but how do they find them and which channels do they prefer?

Pricing Optimization Is More Than a Numbers Game

Price is one of the most important factors for shoppers, so it's paramount that retailers get it right.

Should Online Retailers Blacklist Serial Returners?

Following Amazon’s decision to ban consumers suspected of abusing its return policy, 61% of US retailers in a recent Brightpearl survey said they would consider a similar move to rid themselves of serial returners.

Customer Service Can Make or Break a Company's Reputation

For as much as you hear customer service horror stories, according to an August 2018 survey by call center tech provider Genesys, 94% of US internet users considered their last customer service experience to be positive.

Why Product Page Details Matter

Content is king, even in ecommerce. Product page details—images, videos, reviews, descriptions—can make or break an online sale. According to Salsify, product content has become a greater priority among brand marketers. In 2018, practically all (99%) agree that quality product content is important to sales growth through digital channels.

Five Charts: How Consumers Really Feel About Subscriptions

From meal kits to wardrobe upgrades, new entrants in the increasingly crowded subscription commerce space keep emerging. According to a McKinsey study released in February, subscription commerce retailers grew sales from $57.0 million in 2011 to over $2.6 billion in 2015. But how do consumers feel about subscription commerce?

News this week of Sears filing for bankruptcy protection wasn't exactly a shock to anyone. According to a new Adthena study that looked into how digital commerce competition affected Sears, the retailer fared poorly compared with its counterparts.

Holiday Ads Miss Last-Minute Shoppers

Retailers believe that early birds and primetime shoppers are the most important holiday audience. Procrastinators? Not so much.

How Snapchat Users Shop

Social media is hardly synonymous with shopping, but that hasn't stopped social platforms from positioning themselves as pseudo-retailers.

More Consumers Plan to Shop Online for Black Friday Deals

Nearly half of US internet users surveyed by Periscope By McKinsey said they plan to shop for Black Friday deals online.

Holiday Shoppers Choose the Same Stores Online and Offline

Consumer sentiment indicates that shoppers are feeling flush this holiday season. More are confident about the economy and plan to up their gift spending this year. According to a September 2018 Field Agent study, US holiday shoppers said they would spend more in all holiday categories, including gifts, groceries for meals and decorations.