Artificial Intelligence

Computer scientists have been touting AI for more than half a century, but the technology is only now beginning to reveal its potential. There is still plenty of hype, but AI is finally a reality in many consumers' daily routines.

A survey of internet users in Germany, the UK and the US found that consumers are mostly indifferent about brands using ads that were created via artificial intelligence. But about a quarter expressed negative feelings.

Autonomous vehicles are widely anticipated in some countries, like India and China, a multimarket survey found. But interest in Singapore and Japan is muted.

Chaitanya Chandrasekar, CEO and co-founder of predictive advertising platform QuanticMind, describes the impact artificial intelligence is having on marketing technology.

John Suh, CEO at LegalZoom, and Ryan Steelberg, president of audio analytics company Vertione One, describe how artificial intelligence can improve audio ad tracking.

China’s government just announced a plan to invest billions in the country’s artificial intelligence efforts. A few other factors will also give China a great chance to surpass the US in the sector within a few years.

Melanie Cook, head of strategy and business consultancy for Southeast Asia at SapientRazorfish, discusses the rise of artificial intelligence in the region and how China became the market leader for AI research.

A new study finds nearly half of US smartphone owners regularly use voice-enabled technology.

A June 2017 study of internet users ages 18 and older in Germany by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) found high awareness of digital assistants among respondents. But privacy and safety concerns appear to be holding back adoption.

Do most people know what artificial intelligence is? Yes. But they’re not exactly experts on the topic.

Julie Lyle, chief revenue officer at acquisition marketing platform DemandJump, talks about how artificial intelligence could help map the customer journey.

While more than six in 10 marketers in North America are aware of the technology to some degree, only 3% consider themselves experts in the area.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to have an impact on many areas of customer relationship management (CRM), according to an IDC report commissioned by CRM solution provider Salesforce.

Patrick Flanagan, vice president of digital marketing and strategy at Simon Property Group, and Christian Brucculeri, CEO of Snaps, talk about the hurdles associated with building a retail chatbot.

Germany’s internet users appear much more interested in artificial intelligence options like robots to free them from mundane physical tasks than in virtual assistants, according to recent polling by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Rita Chao, COO of Emotibot Technologies, discusses how much even the smartest customer service chatbot can absorb from its human counterparts.

More marketers are showing interest in artificial intelligence (AI), but it might be some time before it has a real impact on their business.

Marketers are investing heavily in content marketing, and many are looking to emerging technologies like AI to help shape their strategies, new research suggests.

More and more consumers rely on images as they shop. What does it mean for retailers and marketers? eMarketer analysts Yory Wurmser and Cathy Boyle talk about how sellers are responding to the shift.

Recent data from J.D. Power and Associates finds that trust in autonomous vehicles hasn’t changed much in the past year. Teens and young millennials are still more likely to trust self-driving cars compared with baby boomers.