Artificial Intelligence

Only a third of decision-makers surveyed by PointSource indicated that they've selected or replaced a vendor for blockchain, AI, facial recognition or voice-activated technologies.

Just 7% of marketers surveyed by Freedman International said they currently use chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

While tacking the term “AI” onto a press release can generate buzz, building actual AI products is a big undertaking for most companies.

For travel marketers, mobile and social technology investments are a priority, but so are emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and marketing automation.

The advent of new algorithms, faster processing and cloud-based data is making it possible for many companies to experiment with artificial intelligence (AI). While marketing and sales are particularly ripe for innovation, there is still a lot of confusion in the marketplace. This presentation will help marketers see past the mysticism and get started with AI in 2018.

Omer Golan, founder and CEO of Outernets, discusses how artificial intelligence can improve the digital out-of-home industry.

Marketers may be intrigued by new developments like artificial intelligence, augmented reality and voice search. But plenty worry that they are unprepared to work with emerging tech.

Radoslaw Dobrolecki, US business development director at RTB House, discusses how artificial intelligence can help predict customer behavior at scale.

A new study looking at the concepts marketers consider to be overhyped found that many see artificial intelligence—and even big data—as more of a fantasy than a reality.

Matthew Tharp, chief evangelist at CRM and business process management platform Bpm'online, discusses the industry’s technology proliferation problem.

A recent Infosys survey of executives and IT decision-makers worldwide finds roughly 70% of respondents reported that employees at their companies are concerned that they’ll be replaced by the emerging technology.

Recent data from Accenture Strategy finds that working professionals worldwide are more willing to work with intelligent machines than public opinion suggests.

In the latest episode of eMarketer's "Behind the Numbers" podcast, analyst Victoria Petrock discusses how much the artificial intelligence market is growing, and what's driving that growth.

David Jonker, vice president of thought leadership marketing at SAP, discusses his team’s use of technology to deliver a bespoke content experience.

William Bao Bean, managing director of Chinaccelerator, explains how investments in artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping marketers improve user targeting and return on investment.

In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," the topic is automation and jobs. Where is automation displacing human jobs, and what new opportunities are emerging?

Important AI-supported technology, such as facial recognition, is expected to reshape many sectors.

Chris Victory, vice president of partnerships at demand-side platform MediaMath, discusses the applications of AI in the programmatic space.

Caroline Klatt, CEO of chatbot software platform Headliner Labs, spoke with eMarketer about how artificial intelligence in messaging environments can help marketers.

Allen Nance, global CMO at Emarsys, discusses what human and machine marketers are each meant to do.