A survey of US internet users found that those with kids are more likely to buy something from a retailer they're loyal to than seek out a cheaper option.

This generation is among the most scrutinized, but the millennial stereotype may not be so accurate.

New data from First Insight, looking at the differences in the ways men and women shop, found that men are more likely to see, touch and feel a product before they buy it, while women prefer instant gratification.

In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," eMarketer analyst Mark Dolliver discusses how affluents feel about their finances and how they go about spending their money.

An October 2017 survey of US parent internet users with teenagers ages 14 to 17 showed that 29% of respondents named Snapchat as the app they were most concerned about.

How will kids interact with digital media in 2018? In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers" podcast, eMarketer's Mark Dolliver and Jennifer Pearson take a look at the trends and the numbers.

Kids are digital natives. But aside from tweens, most lack smartphones. Instead, their digital activity is dominated by digital video, much to the chagrin of parents.

In the second episode of a five-part series, eMarketer's Geoff Ramsey sits down with top marketing executives from around the world to discuss the critical challenges they face and what they're doing to address those challenges. Today's topic: Millennials.

On a typical day, young people are more likely to communicate with others through varying digital channels than in person, according to a new study.

Snapchat’s data demands have made it a hard sell in Mexico. But the platform has found an audience among younger millennials, who make up the majority of its users in the country.

In a new report, eMarketer explores data showing the shifting patterns of digital adoption among black consumers in the US.

Retailers have begun to set their sights on teens, who make up a portion of Gen Z, as they enter adulthood and start competing with the millennials for marketing dollars. And this demographic is more keen on food than fashion.

When it comes to shopping habits, millennial women indulge on big-ticket items from time to time, but getting a good deal is also important to many of them.

In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," eMarketer's demographics analyst, Mark Dolliver, and resident millennial Connor Anovick chat about millennials—and how digital behavior varies among younger and older ones.

Many seldom purchase them. For that matter, many feel they cannot routinely afford to do so.

Millennials continued to entrance and sometimes frustrate marketers and media decision-makers in 2017. Here is a selection of some of the most listened-to "Behind the Numbers" podcast episodes dealing with the millennial conundrum.

The majority of millennials are indifferent or negative toward celebrity endorsements. But they're more willing to think positively about digital influencers.

More and more millennials are finally earning and spending serious money. But millennials’ finances often remain fragile, constraining their expenditures.

Facebook's acquisition of tbh, an app popular among teens, marks the company's latest effort to remain relevant to young users.

Nearly half of US teens say they prefer Snapchat over other social media sites, according to a biannual survey from Piper Jaffray.