May 30, 2019

How Will Marketing Departments at Digital Retailers in North America Invest in Select Emerging Technologies in 2019? (% of respondents, Feb 2019)


This survey question asked ecommerce retailers about marketing investment in emerging technologies during 2019 as compared to spending in 2018. The emerging technologies included customer data platforms, chatbots/AI, personalization, programmatic TV, payment methods, visual search, voice search and ... VR.More


Data was provided to eMarketer by CommerceNext.


Data is from the May 2019 CommerceNext report titled "How Leading Retailers and Direct-to-Consumer Brands Are Investing in Digital" sponsored by Oracle. 100 digital retail senior leaders in North America were surveyed during January-February 2019. The breakdown of how these retailers sell to consumers is digital-first, DTC brands (27%), wholesale manufacturers selling direct like Nike and Sony (25%), traditional DTC brands with physical stores and ecommerce websites like J.Crew (22%), traditional multi-brand retailers like Walmart, Target, Best Buy (14%), digital first, multi-brand retailers like Amazon, eBay, Wayfair (12%). 51% of the retailers had annual revenues of $100 million to $500+ million. The respondents in the survey identified their titles as c-suite, head of ecommerce/ecommerce leader, marketing direct/leader or other.