Programmatic Ad Spending

eMarketer's forecasts, data and statistics include estimates for US programmatic ad spending by format (digital display, native digital display, direct digital display), by channel (via real time bidding (RTB), via open exchange, via private marketplaces (PMP)), as well as mobile, mobile by ... transaction, by format and digital video. eMarketer also has forecasts for programmatic ad spending in the UK, France, Germany, China, Canada. eMarketer's reports, charts, interviews and forecasts provide you with data and insights to answer a variety of questions such as:Show More ▼
  • What is the forecast for US programmatic ad spending?
  • What formats are getting programmatic ad spend?
  • What are the trends in programmatic ad spending?


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More than 80% of Digital Display Ads Will Be Bought Programmatically in 2018

Apr 09, 2018

Over $46 billion will go to programmatic advertising in the US this year, according to eMarketer’s latest programmatic forecast—about $10 billion more than last year.