Media Buying

The Guardian’s ad-buying test shows that domain spoofing is rampant for video inventory, but not display.

Should Marketing Campaigns Target Households or Individuals?

Many marketers now want to combine individual- and household-level targeting practices to better realize core marketing objectives.

In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," a trio of eMarketer analysts and forecasters dig into the numbers and underlying trends of eMarketer's annual industry-by industry-ad spend forecast and report series.

Ad Agencies Are Breaking Down Programmatic Silos

A recent survey of US digital media buyers by Centro and Forrester Consulting shows the separation between automated and direct sales departments is dissolving.

Fear of the Duopoly Remains Strong for Advertisers

In a survey of over 500 advertising professionals worldwide by Marin Software, 42% of respondents reported the dominance of Facebook and Google as one of the industry trends that will impact their business the most this year.

Why DSPs Are Applying AI to Programmatic Bidding

Tim Sims, senior vice president at The Trade Desk, discusses how ad buying is becoming more automated.

Half of Marketers Believe Programmatic Is Effective

In a survey of 3,000 US marketing executives by Nielsen, 54% of respondents said programmatic is extremely or very effective.

How Technology Is Changing Ad Agency Structures

Don Vega, principal media trader at Goodway Group, spoke about how artificial intelligence and other emerging products are leading ad buying firms to reorganize themselves.

A Deeper Dive into Six of Mary Meeker's 2018 Internet Trends

We used eMarketer data to take a deeper look and offer more clarity into Mary Meeker's recent annual internet trends report.

In Canada, Millennials Aren’t All the Same, So Don’t Market as if They Were

More than 7.3 million millennials are living in Canada, the largest age group since the boomers. Spanning the birth years of 1981 to 1996, they represent a broad range that encompasses a variety of life stages.

Why Marketers Can't Seem to Avoid Bombarding You With the Same Ad

Advertisers aren't any happier than consumers when the same ad keeps getting served over and over and over. The challenge is figuring out when ad frequency reports are accurate.

Publishers Are Using Fewer Sell-Side Vendors

Like their advertiser brethren, publishers are culling their programmatic vendors.

We're looking back at some key headlines of the week, including new poll data showing a wide political gap between millennial men and women, a new video feature on Tinder, and more. "Behind the Numbers" is sponsored by Mower.

Nearly half of marketers are looking to use location-based marketing to drive foot traffic to physical locations, an increase of 8% from 2017. Learn more about the demand for location data in a white paper from HERE Technologies and the Location Based Marketing Association.

Five Charts: The State of Programmatic Bidding

Buyers are culling DSPs while publishers and their vendors change how they price their inventory.

In India, Media Use Shows No Signs of Leveling Off

In contrast to many of the other territories eMarketer tracks, traditional media use in India has not leveled off. TV in particular holds its own, and this year we expect it will command a 56.9% share of media time among the adult population overall, or 2 hours, 36 minutes daily.

In the latest episode of eMarketer's "Behind the Numbers" podcast, we report on some of the key themes at this year's Cannes Lions festival, including the issue of trust in the media, the impact of GDPR, and the battle for what's left of the digital ad pie after the duopoly takes its huge share.

Mobile Soon to Pass TV in Time Spent

Americans are spending less time with most major media, with one major exception: smartphones.

The GDPR Is Leading Some Publishers to Shut Off Open Exchanges

Jessica Barrett, global head of programmatic at the Financial Times, spoke about how FT adapted to new data regulations.

Listen to a special Chinese-language audio report on the ways people in China are increasing the time they spend consuming media on a daily basis.