Marketing Technology

Users Are Souring on Ad Tracking

In a survey of 1,051 US internet users by Janrain, 53% of respondents said they aren’t in favor of websites using what they learn about them online to target ads.

What’s Next in Marketing Tech Investing?

Elgin Thompson, managing director of investment bank Digital Capital Advisors, talks about where martech vendors may find their future exits.

eMarketer moderates a presentation with Arpita Neelmegh, product marketing manager at Iterable, who breaks down one of the fundamental tactics that leading companies are employing to truly boost sales and cultivate customer relationships—sending personalized messages across multiple channels.

Advertisers Prefer to Leave Tech Building to Their Vendors

While advertisers would like more control over their data management and ad buying contracts, they seem pretty content with leaving ad ops and building technology to their vendors, according to a new study.

eMarketer moderates a special presentation with Drew Burns, principal product marketing manager at Adobe, who shows you how to unlock countless opportunities to shape and improve the digital experiences that you deliver to your customers.