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Early in the internet age, Hispanics were on the wrong side of the digital divide, lagging the general population in terms of internet access. Now, the majority are internet users, although Hispanics still underindex a bit for internet penetration.

Are driverless cars close to market, or is a full-fledged launch still well off in the future? eMarketer's Ezra Palmer and Marcus Johnson consider the regulatory, technical and psychological hurdles that must be cleared before autonomous vehicles become commonplace. Part three of our series of conversations about apparently outlandish ideas that could become everyday realities.

In the wake of the widely streamed James Comey testimony, eMarketer video analyst Paul Verna breaks down the live video market, and how it fundamentally differs from traditional live TV.

According to eMarketer’s latest forecast for ad blocking activity in France, Germany and the UK, use of ad blocking software is still growing, but growth is slowing down.

How many people are using digital cash? How important is it to today's digital economy? Will use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin become commonplace in the near term, or will it remain a niche behavior? Analyst Nicole Perrin joins the cast to discuss the current state of cryptocurrencies, and how usage may change in the future.

eMarketer's Ezra Palmer, Mark Dolliver and Yory Wurmser sit down to discuss a key smartphone feature—the camera—and how consumers can use it to capture the world around them.

eMarketer forecasters and analysts gather to discuss the company's new forecast for how many people use voice-enabled digital assistants, and then consider how assistants are being used, and what the next phase of development might be.

Are millennials careful with their money or are they, as one critic put it, wasting their cash on avocado toast? eMarketer forecasting analyst Marcus Johnson and demographics specialist Mark Dolliver take a look at the data.

eMarketer's Paul Briggs joins the 'cast to talk about the unique characteristics of French Canada when it comes to digital usage. French Canada spends considerably less time online than the rest of the country. What's behind this digital gap?

The News Feed—Facebook’s bedrock—is nearly 11 years old, and ads have been a part of it for five years. In a new report, eMarketer explores the pressures on Facebook’s ad business, what’s coming next and what advertisers want to see from the company.

Are drone deliveries likely to be coming to your neighborhood soon? eMarketer's Ezra Palmer and Marcus Johnson discuss the future of drone delivery, and how technical and business factors, as well as consumer attitudes, are likely to affect mass drone deployment. Part two of our series of conversations about apparently outlandish ideas that could become everyday realities.

In the first of a series of conversations about ideas at the bleeding edge of innovation, eMarketer's Marcus Johnson and Ezra Palmer discuss the concept of telepathic texting. Is this an outlandish idea, or will it become a marketplace reality?

More and more consumers rely on images as they shop. What does it mean for retailers and marketers? eMarketer analysts Yory Wurmser and Cathy Boyle talk about how sellers are responding to the shift.

eMarketer's Oscar Orozco and Patricia Orsini break down digital ad spending by industry. How do different industries allocate their budgets for digital advertising, and what's behind their spending decisions?

Smart cities have important implications for marketers and others seeking to use them as gateways for personalized services and platforms for targeted messaging.

eMarketer analysts Lauren Fisher and Paul Verna sit down to discuss the prevalence of ad fraud associated with digital video, and what the industry is doing to deal with it.

Shailin Dhar, founder and director of research at Method Media Intelligence, spoke with eMarketer's Lauren Fisher about how more sophisticated forms of ad fraud are hitting areas of high-value CPMs: video and mobile app environments.

In the latest episode of eMarketer's "Behind the Numbers," analysts Paul Verna and Gerard Broussard and news editor Rimma Kats discuss key highlights from last week's Upfronts, as well as TV networks' approach of making digital advertising the bogeyman.

eMarketer's Marcus Johnson, Cathy Boyle and Chris Keating sit down for a two-part, data-packed conversation about smartphones and their effects on our lives. Can smartphone addiction be quantified?

eMarketer analyst Paul Briggs talks about cleaning up digital display and getting multi-touch attribution right in the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers."