January 13, 2021

Growth in Time Spent with Finance Apps Among Android Users in Select Countries, 2020 (% change vs. prior year)


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Data is from a January 2021 App Annie report titled "State of Mobile 2021." App engagement estimates were generated via App Annie's global consumer panel of millions of active users, using internal data and commercially available data collection techniques in a suite of machine learning algorithms. Data collection methods complied with app store guidelines and applicable data protection and privacy laws. Spending data represents gross consumer spend on the Apple App Store and Google Play from paid downloads and in-app purchases, before the app stores take their fee. In-app advertising revenues are excluded. App publishers may occasionally shift an existing app from one category to another; in these cases, that app based on its categorization at the time of this report's writing. Push notifications are not considered active use and do not count towards estimates of users, sessions, or session time. App Annie is a mobile data and analytics platform.