Time Spent with Media

Rapid shifts in where and how consumers are getting their news and entertainment are being driven by the vast number of new choices. eMarketer's forecasts, data and statistics include estimates for average time spent with media, with breakouts by device (smartphones, feature phones, tablets, mobile, ... desktop/laptop), and channel (print, TV internet, magazines, newspapers, radio, digital video, SVOD, VOD, OTT, social) along with estimates for time spent with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Forecasts also cover time spent by age, and by geography, both by region (Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, North America) and by country within those regions, including China. eMarketer's reports, charts, interviews and forecasts provide you with data and insights to answer a variety of questions such as:Show More ▼
  • How much time does the average person spend on their phone?
  • How many hours do Americans spend online?
  • How much media does the average American consume?
  • How many hours a day are spent on social media?



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For the first time ever, US consumers will spend more time using their mobile devices than watching TV, with smartphone use dominating that time spent. Consumers’ use of smartphones will continue to make up the majority of their media consumption, but we predict that use will plateau by 2020 as consumers become increasingly uneasy about overuse of mobile devices.