November 5, 2019

Sources US Gen Z and Millennial Internet Users Trust When Deciding to Purchase a Product/Service, Sep 2019 (% of respondents in each group)


This chart shows who/what sources Gen Z and Millennial internet users trust when deciding to purchase products. The survey was conducted in September 2019 and includes influencers, friends/family and others.


Respondents were asked, "To what extent do you trust the following when deciding whether or not to purchase a product or service?" Data was provided to eMarketer by Morning Consult.


Data is from the November 2019 Morning Consult report titled "The Influencer Report: Engaging Gen Z and Millennials." 2,200 US teens and adults ages 13-38 were surveyed online during September 27-30, 2019. The margin of error is +/-2 percentage points.