September 2, 2020

For How Long Will US Ad Buyers Be Pausing/Canceling* Social Media Placements for Their Primary Brand? (% of respondents, Aug 2020)


Data was provided to eMarketer by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).


Data is from a September 2020 Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) report titled, "2020/21 COVID Impact on Advertising." 242 advertising professionals with purview into US ad spending and revenues in 2020 were surveyed during August 3-13, 2020. Respondents were from buy-side (spending) companies (56%) and sell-side (revenues) companies (44%) and identify as C-level/president/EVP (19%), manager/AE/planner/buyer (18%), media consultant/media strategist (4%), SVP/VP/director (57%), and other staff/analyst/associate/assistant/coordinator (2%).

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