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Marketers Struggle to Master Connected TV Advertising as Audience Grows

By 2022, more than 204 million people in the US will watch connected TV at least once a month. But the advertising market is still figuring out how to best use these platforms.

How the GDPR Spotlights Social Media Firms

New data regulations are leading UK internet users to ask tech platforms to remove their personal data.

Consumers Expect Brands to Be Open and Honest on Social Media

Not only do consumers want businesses to be open and honest in their social posts, they actually hold businesses to a higher standard than they hold for themselves.

Mixed Reality not a Reality for Most Companies, at Least for Now

Most companies are not using mixed reality in any way, according to a recent study, but that doesn’t mean they don't think it's important.

Congress Is Preoccupied by Big Tech

Quorum mined statements from members of Congress over the past decade and found that they talk more about technology than any other sector of the economy.

Some People Say Their Data Is Worth More than Their Car

Recent controversies over data security may be amping up consumer concerns about privacy. A new survey asked how much consumers valued their data. The answer was simple: a lot.

Content Marketing Goof: Posting a 'Story' When Consumers Want a Coupon

A new survey finds a bit of common ground between marketers' priorities and consumers' preferences when it comes to content posted on social platforms.

Mobile Measurement & Targeting Roundup

Despite rapid growth, mobile advertising has been hampered by fragmented formats and standards, which limit what marketers can do with the newer and richer types of mobile marketing data available. Improved measurement and transparency is key! eMarketer has curated this Roundup of articles, insights and interviews to help you understand mobile measurement and targeting.

Why China's Digital Ad Industry Needs Blockchain

Bennett Hong, CTO of adtech company Jingshuo, discusses what's keeping advertisers in China from adopting blockchain technology.

Why CMOs Are Agonizing Over Data Breaches

Data breaches are proliferating at a time when marketers are becoming increasingly reliant on user data.

In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," eMarketer's Bill Fisher and Eric Haggstrom talk about how internet users in the UK engage in various digital, mobile and social habits.

In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," eMarketer analyst Paul Verna talks about why Netflix has started showing promotional videos, and how subscribers have reacted to the commercial-like format.

Audience for Connected TV Grows, but Ad Spending Has Lagged

Connected TV households now make up nearly three-quarters of all US households, but those penetration levels don’t necessarily add up to a huge advertising market—yet.

The Shared Anxieties of Millennials and Seniors: Tech Companies

Data from the Pew Research Center indicates some similarities in attitudes across age groups when it comes to technology companies.

How Much Are Companies Spending on Technology?

A third of mid-market companies spend at least 5% of their total revenues on technology, according to Deloitte.

Will AI Change How People Approach Creative Work?

Advertisers and artists believe that artificial intelligence will boost their output over the next two years.

How GDPR Is Moving Ad Budgets Toward Private Marketplaces

Data privacy concerns are driving ad buyers to work closer with their publisher partners.

Every week on eMarketer’s “Behind the Numbers” podcast, we take a few minutes to discuss some of the most intriguing headlines of the past seven days. This week, some of the topics we’re talking about include Google’s expected return to China, plus a new kind of tutor.

Loss of Consumer Trust Can Be Costly

It's logical to assume consumers might lose trust in a company after a data breach or misuse of personal information. But many businesses vastly underestimate the severity of these security mishaps in the eyes of their consumers.