August 4, 2020

How Long Do US Business Leaders Think It Will Take for the US Economy to Recover to Pre-Coronavirus Status? (% of respondents, June 2020)


Data is from the August 2020 Pearson Partners International report titled "COVID-19 Business Impact." 520 US business leaders were surveyed during May-June 2020. Respondents were from companies mainly located in the Southwest (47%), East (17%) and Central (15%) regions with a company structure of private (72%), public (19%) or not-for-profit (9%) with number of employees of 1-500 (61%), 501-5,000 (20%) or over 5,001 (19%) in a key vertical of professional services/law/consulting (24%), finance/financial services (12%) and energy/extraction/utilities (10%) with a job position level of CEO/president (28%), chief executive officer (28%) or functional leader (24%). Pearson Partners International is a executive recruitment company.