October 22, 2019

Most Anticipated Use Cases for 5G According to Executives Worldwide, 2019 (% of respondents)


A global survey of senior business leaders asked about the most anticipated applications for 5G technology. Responses include connected cars, connected secure homes/business, advanced emergency services, advanced healthcare, smart buildings, translation/linguistic services, mobile offices, virtual & ... merged reality, smart street lighting, home entertainment and smart agriculture.More


Data is from the October 2019 Infosys report titled "State of 5G – The Road Ahead." 850 executives worldwide were surveyed in early 2019. Respondents represented companies with at least $1 billion revenues, with 49% located in the US, 28% in Europe, 13% in UK, 6% in Australia and 4% in Singapore. 33% of the respondents were senior director or director, 37% were EVP/SVP/VP and 30% were C-level. Infosys is a digital transformation services and consulting firm.

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