January 28, 2019

How Confident Are Female vs. Male Senior Marketing Professionals Worldwide that They Are Creating Advertising that Avoids Gender Stereotypes and Is Gender-Balanced? (% of respondents in each group, Aug 2018)


Female marketers worldwide are less confident than male marketers in how they create advertising that is gender-balanced and avoids gender stereotypes.


Data is from the January 2018 Kantar report titled "Getting Media Right 2018: Extraordinary Marketing Through Integrated, Holistic Advertising" as cited in the Kantar "AdReaction: Getting Gender Right" report. 468 senior marketing leaders at advertisers, agencies and media companies worldwide were surveyed online during August 2018. Respondents identified their company as advertiser (35.5%), agency (46.2%) or media/publisher (18.4%) located in APAC (18.6%), Europe (18.2%), Latin America (13.0%) or North America (37.4%).