October 10, 2018

US Ad-Supported Video Viewers' Attitudes/Behaviors Toward Ads, Sep 2018 (% of respondents)


Ad-supported video viewers are defined as those who watch video via a free streaming service with ads (e.g., YouTube, Vevo, Pluto); via an online-based cable TV provider (e.g., Sling TV, DirecTV Now); via a streaming app that requires a cable/satellite/telco login (e.g., Discovery GO, FX app, ... WatchESPN, Xfinity); or via a subscription-based streaming service with a monthly fee and ads (e.g., Hulu with limited ads).More


Data is from the October 2018 Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) report titled "Ad Receptivity and the Ad-Supported OTT Video Viewer" conducted by Maru/Matchbox and sponsored by SpotX. Data is based on two surveys conducted among Maru/Matchbox's Springboard America online panel. For the first survey, 1,512 US internet users ages 18+ were surveyed online on August 10, 2018 to determine the profile of the ad-supported digital video viewers. For the second survey, 1,223 US internet users ages 18+ were surveyed online during September 25-26, 2018, with age and gender quotas set to reflect viewership profiles from the first survey.