August 13, 2018

US Identity Solutions Spending, 2015-2022 (billions)


Data is from the August 2018 Winterberry Group and Data & Marketing Association (DMA) report titled "Know Your Audience: The Evolution of Identity in a Consumer-Centric Marketplace" sponsored by Acxiom, Drawbridge, Experian, LiveRamp and Signal. 408 advertisers, fundraisers, marketers, marketing service providers, publishers and technology developers in North America were surveyed in June 2018. In addition, Winterberry Group conducted in-person and telephone interviews with more than 35 business and product leaders in the identity, marketing, data and privacy sectors during March-July 2018. Respondents identified their business as brand marketer or fundraiser (30.5%), marketing services and/or technology provider (including agencies) (49.4%) and other (20.2%).