November 11, 2020

Digital Buyers in Select Countries in Europe Who Are Willing to Pay Extra for a More Eco-Friendly Delivery, Q2 2020 (% of respondents)


Data is from a November 2020 PostNord report titled "E-commerce in Europe 2020" conducted by Nepa. 12,796 internet users from 12 countries in Europe ages 15-79 were surveyed online in Q2 2020. Respondents were from the UK (n=1,026), Belgium (n=1,128), Spain (n=1,053), Poland (n=1,026), Italy (n=1,037), the Netherlands (n=1,052), France (n=1,070), Germany (n=1,083), Sweden (n=1,069), Denmark (n=1,136), Norway (n=1,065), and Finland (n=1053). Data is weighted to represent the internet users population in each country.