March 18, 2020

Business Executives in Chile, Colombia and Peru Who Believe the Coronavirus Will Affect Their Company's Bottom Line in the Long Term, by Level of Effect, March 2020 (% of respondents in each group)


Mid-level and senior-level business executives in Chile, Colombia, and Peru were asked if the coronavirus would affect their company's bottom line in the long term. Responses include: it won't affect it, it'll affect it a little, and it'll greatly affect it.


Data is from the March 2020 DNA Human Capital report titled "COVID-19 en las empresas." 3,028 mid-level and senior-level executives in Chile (n=1,567), Colombia (n=697) and Peru (n=764) were surveyed online during March 12-16, 2020. DNA Human Capital is a multinational company specializing in human capital and business management.