January 7, 2019

In Which Emerging Technologies Do Retailers in North America Plan to Invest in 2019? (% of respondents, Oct 2018)


Data is from the January 2019 RIS News and IHL Group report titled "16th Annual Store Experience Study." 220 retailers in North America were surveyed during October 2018. 45% of respondents came from retailers with annual revenues of more than $1 billion (Tier 1 retailers), 13% with $500 million-$1 billion (Tier 2) and 43% with less than $500 million (Tier 3). Only senior-level executives from headquarters were included in the respondents. No field-level or store-level personnel were included in the survey. The retailers were from the following segments: convenience/gas (9%), food and drug (39%), mass merchant/department stores (7%) and specialty (46%). RIS News is a news and research website for the retail and grocery industries.