October 15, 2018

US Federal Candidate Political Ad Spending Metrics, by Platform, Sep 9-22, 2018


Data is from the October 2018 New York University (NYU) study titled "An Analysis of United States Online Political Advertising." Data is based on information gathered from the Facebook political ad archive, Google and Twitter archives during September 9-22, 2018. The Facebook political ad archive consists of all Facebook and Instagram ads that are political or about national issues of public importance as defined by Facebook, which are now archived for 7 years and have been available since May 24, 2018 via a web interface to anyone with a Facebook account. The API was made available to some researchers for programmatic access to the archive by Facebook. The Google political ad archive dates back to May 31, 2018 and the ads that are related to elections or issues that feature a federal candidate or officeholder are retained for 7 years. The information is released as a BigQuery dataset available via the Google Cloud service. The Twitter political ad archive was released in June 2018 and is related to Promoted Tweets with political content. There is no current programmatic way to access the political ad archive; however, Twitter publishes detailed impression and spending information for each political ad.