August 30, 2018

What Types of Personal Customer Data Do Senior Marketing Executives Worldwide Expect to Use Less Often as Part of GDPR Compliance? Q3 2018 (% of respondents)


Respondents were asked, "What types of personal customer data do you anticipate no longer being able to use as frequently/freely as part of GDPR compliance?" Data was provided to eMarketer by CMO Council.


Data is from the August 2018 CMO Council report titled "GDPR: Impact and Opportunity" in partnership with SAP. 227 senior marketing executives worldwide from various industries were surveyed during Q3 2018. Respondents identified their job title as CMO (23%), director of corporate/marketing communications (2%), director of marketing (11%), head of marketing (15%), SVP/EVP of marketing (2%), VP or corporate/marketing communications (2%), VP of customer experience (2%), VP of marketing (4%), VP of marketing and sales (7%), VP of marketing operations (2%) and other (31%). Respondents identified their company headquarters as Africa (5%), Asia-Pacific (14%), Europe (23%), Middle East (2%), North America (54%) or South America (2%) with company revenues of less than $50 million (43%), $51-$100 million (7%), $101-$250 million (8%), $251-$500 million (7%), $501-$750 million (7%), $751 million-$1 billion (3%), $1.1-$5 billion (9%) or more than $5 billion (16%).