July 5, 2018

Current State of GDPR Compliance According to Legal and IT Professionals in the EU, UK and US, June 2018 (% of respondents)


Legal and IT professionals in the EU, UK and the US were asked to what degree they have implemented a GDPR compliance plan.


Data was provided to eMarketer by TrustArc.


Data is from the July 2018 Dimensional Research and TrustArc "Privacy and the EU GDPR: 2018 Survey of US, UK, and EU Privacy Professionals." 600 IT and legal professionals in the EU, UK and US from various industries were surveyed during June 4-15, 2018. Respondents had responsibility for privacy as a significant part of the job at companies of 500 employees or more. Respondents identified their region as EU excluding UK (33%), UK (33%) and US (33%). TrustArc is a technology compliance and security company.