September 5, 2017

Types of Radio/Digital Audio Ads that US Radio Ad Buyers Are Interested in Purchasing Programmatically, April 2017 (% of respondents)


Data is from the September 2017 WideOrbit "Survey: The Future of Programmatic Radio Advertising." 8,973 US radio industry professionals and ad buyers were surveyed by SurveyGizmo in April 2017 about the factors driving adoption of programmatic radio and digital audio. Ad buyers identified their job role as digital media buyer/planner (20%), senior media executive (11%), traditional and digital buyer/planner (34%), traditional media buyer/planner (41%) and other (1%). Radio industry professionals identified their job role as ad operations/traffic (20%), executive (14%), sales (52%) and other (14%). Respondents were incentivized with the opportunity to win one of five $100 Amazon gift certificates. WideOrbit is an ad tech company.