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How Disparate Systems Complicate Martech Strategies

Nov 06, 2018

The ballooning marketing tech landscape puts marketers in a tough position to develop a cohesive technology strategy.

How Political Advertisers on Deadline Utilize Programmatic

Nov 05, 2018

The speed and efficiency of automated ad buying makes it attractive for political advertisers working under tight schedules.

Lack of Understanding Limits In-App Header Bidding, For Now

Oct 19, 2018

Header bidding is making it easier for ad buyers to access premium app inventory, but before mass implementation can occur, server-to-server issues must be sorted out.

First-Price Auctions Are Driving Up Ad Prices

Oct 17, 2018

Programmatic platforms are changing the way they price inventory, and their moves are increasing CPMs and creating headaches for ad buyers.

eMarketer Releases Latest US Programmatic Ad Spending Forecast

Oct 12, 2018

More than four of every five digital display ad dollars in the US today goes through programmatic.

How Header Bidding Is Moving Into Apps

Oct 12, 2018

Casie Jordan, director of professional services at MoPub, spoke about how app publishers are adjusting the ways they sell inventory programmatically.