June 28, 2021

Do US Adults Know that Hospitals Are Required to Disclose the Price of Treatments and Procedures on Their Websites? (% of respondents, May 2021)


Respondents were asked, "As far as you know, are hospitals required to disclose the price of treatments and procedures on their websites, or is this not something they are required to do, or are you not sure?"


Data is from a June 2021 Peterson Center on Healthcare and Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) study titled "Health Tracking Poll" as cited in company blog. 1,526 US adults ages 18+ were surveyed via telephone during May 18-25, 2021. Surveys were conducted via landline and mobile phone with an oversample of prepaid phone numbers to obtain a sample of lower-income and nonwhite respondents. Results were weighted to match national demographic estimates of sex, age, education, race, Hispanic origin, and region.