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March 14, 2019

Top 5 Countries in Europe, Ranked by B2C Ecommerce Sales, 2018 (billions of €)


B2C ecommerce sales including cross-border sales in the United Kingdom in 2018 is estimated at €165 billion which leads the EU-5 followed by Germany (€98 billion), France (€84 billion).


Data is from the March 2019 Cross-Border Commerce Europe study titled "Top 500 Cross-Border Retail Europe" as cited in press release. The study is a compilation of cross-border data from websites of European retailers. Ranking data is analyzed by weighting four primary criteria: online cross-border sales in Europe (16 countries within Western Europe and Scandinavia); SEO indicators covering cross-border performance; cross-border score determined on the amount of active countries; and amount and percentage of cross-border visitors. Six additional secondary weighted criteria are: brand authority; organic search percentage; number of languages; number of currencies; number of payment methods and local supply availability (transport and stock services).