November 7, 2018

What Are the Biggest Challenges UK and US Companies Experience While Undertaking Digital Transformation? (% of respondents, May 2018)


UK and US IT decision-makers were asked what were the largest obstacles during their companies' digital transformation. Responses included overreliance on legacy tech or lack of right technology/tools, internal politics or cultural resistance, short-term thinking over long-term planning or lack of ... formal strategy and lack of dedicated budget among others.More


Data is from the November 2018 Vanson Bourne report titled "Busting Through Digital Transformation Roadblocks" commissioned by SnapLogic. 500 UK and US IT decision-makers from various industries at medium- and large-sized companies were surveyed online during April-May 2018. SnapLogic is a commercial software company. Vanson Bourne is a market research company.